The long awaited results of MLB 12 The Shows simulated season for the A's!

Hello everybody, last year I simulated the 2011 season on last year's version of this excellent game and came up with some very interesting and surprisingly accurate results... So alas, I will do the same this year with a little more detail and speculation..

Now a little background for you people not in the know.. Every year these games get more and more insanely detailed and complex and quite frankly scary in their accuracy. EA sports runs sims on everything just to show their power and free from personal bias and dreams they do a pretty solid job in predictions for games and even seasons.. While no means a prognosticator of future happenings, I definitely believe this sims have more mojo than most analysts out there... Without further ado.....

So no Yoenis Cespedes or Manny on the team to start with.. Manny was easily added from the free agent pool, but i had to create Cespedes... I tried, and failed, to make him realistic based upon our best assumptions... therefor creating a Demigod of sorts.... While i didnt make his stats too outlandish as you will see... It did make a monster season... But lets hoe for a stud anyway.. Really only way this season has hope... lets pray here..

So opening day lineup of

Crisp Mccarthy

Weeks Anderson ( no injury to start)

Cespedes Colon

Manny (no 50 gamer in effect) Braden

Barton Ross (im happy to see him as 5)





and here we go!!

The A'S hung around the Slegna and Texas till the break... making it so there was no firesale and only a couple minor acquisitions for middle infielders. They were hanging around 500 all year and still none too far from those teams until the Rangers started dominating and won division ( this makes me much happier than the other situation). A's final record at 500. 81-81. texas 101-61... Anaheim 88-74... So .500 record aint terrible right? But this is accounting for a monster season by Espedes which I would sacrifice a live goat for.

Cespedes 50 hr's 139 RBI .324 BVG 46 sb's 25 assists from CF (he's a demigod afterall) .394 obp

Make it a sacrifice of Noah's arc.

Rest of team with a scale of 1-10 of likelihood of this actually occurring

Crisp .237 bvg 3 hr's 47sb's out of54 chances (8) I think they are underrating his O a bit here.

Weeks .268 (hit well over 300 first half) 3 hrs 23 sb's (6) Definitely think hes capable of more


Manny! Terrible first couple months then played very well 23 hrs 84 RbI .270/.355./.441 (8) I think this is def. possible)

Barton: .268 7 hrs .351 obp (10) THIS IS BARTON

Carter comes in: 207 ab's 7hrs .234 (9) yep

Super fit Suzuki: .263 19 hrs (6)

Seth Smith .273 16 hrs 59rbi 384 ab's (5) I hope so

Cliffy: .261 12 hrs 17 sb's (7)

gomes: .239 11hrs 184 ab's (7)

Reddick .207 4 17 164 ab's (3) I hope not

Mccarthy 13-12 3.32 216 ip's (8) Nice

Anderson 12-13 4.40 (7) Ick

Bartolo 7-14 (9) Yep

Dallas 11-9 4.68 (9)

Ross 11-10 3.59 (7) think hes great too

Millone (long relief) 6-1 3.71

De Los Santos: closer role 3.38 35 svs

Notables Weeks had a 7 hit game... No Parker in bigs... Peacock did mediocre... A'S allstar only Cespedes

Batting crown A GON .338 Hanley .332

Hr's.... Cespedes 50 Kemp 42

Rbi's Kemp Prince

Sb's... Borgeois 51 Bourn61 traded to slegna

Lincecum 12-12 3.44

Cain 12-13 3.50

Zito 7-13 4.54

GIANTS 75-87 fourth in division So happy for this

Playoff teams Texas Boston Yanks Detroit (10) St Louis Miami Philly Dodgers ? (8)

Rangers beat Dodgers in World Series Michael Young World series MVP

MVP's Prince .336 49 150 Kemp .288 42 123 29 sb's

Cy Young Brandon Morrow (wow) 19-10 2.71 239 k''s Billingsley 16-4 3.22

ROYs' Cespedes, Lance Lynn (?)

All in all we better hope Cespedes is a monster... I really cant see players on this team improve much more than these numbers except for Weeks. Anyone else want some specific numbers let me know..

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