Lack of "feel" on Billy's part here?

I'm not a Beane hater by any means, no. But is this Crisp/Cespedes/CF situation an example of sometimes Beane not bending a bit to the fact players have certain mindsets that play into the equation? (And yes, i am a Crisp fan, but even if my username didn't have Crisp in it i'd be saying all this, i'm not that emotionally attached to individual players as a fan.)

What i'm saying is hey, i appreciate Beane, for the most part. I do think he's become so wed to the process, the objective team building process which for most occasions is best, that at times he does stuff like this. (And that the more often he does stuff like this the more i see why he's such close friends with Geren, but i digress.)

Some can bemoan the Crisp signing and say they have all along, sure, i get that (and we all know he was signed before YC became an A or was thought of as possibly an A.)

And there is a legit debate on whether keeping Crisp in CF delaying Yoenis's growth there (albeit retarding the fact he could also learn a corner, then ultimately when he goes to CF full time, already be familiar with a corner) is something Beane rightfully avoided.

However, CC could always be traded, so why create any disturbance? Just don't F*** with things while you work the trade angles, in whatever way that meant, slowly, fast, whatever, just know you're working on it, tell Coco that privately, keep him in CF, voila, it works itself out while Yoenis gets some corner experience.

Arm strength. I get that, although it's not like Crisp doesn't get to many balls most have to then throw while he doesn't, including likely Cespedes at least for awhile, speed and all. (And with cannons in left and right, anything up the alleys both fielders get to, just have your corners make the throws when possible.)

Do they think Crisp, out of the two, is more likely to adjust to LF well? Hmm, maybe that's a part of it, but not worth it if you know trading him now is a good possibility. Everyone around the league knows Crisp CAN play LF, but doing this now lessens your trade value on him. It looks like a sign of "having to move to LF." Whether that's true or not, it looks that way, lessening trade position of power.

I get that even angry (not saying Coco is that, more seriously upset and feeling betrayed somewhat, lied to in a fashion) players often play fine, that bad clubhouses can win, etc. But in this case i just don't think it's worth it. There are so many ways it would/could have solved itself without creating the feeling your frontoffice is rigid and robotic.

But i guess back to my semi (just thinking out loud here) criticism of Beane, i get all the somewhat there yet none that strong reasons to really piss Coco off and make Cespedes uncomfortable about it a bit too. I just don't think it's worth it.

If Crisp had really lost a step and not just a half step or less due to his not even really being old yet, then i'd agree. And if he hadn't just signed with you (Beane/A's) knowing he really was assuming he'd be where he loved, CF, then ok, a vet who just helps the team because he's happy to be there and accepts wherever...move him to LF, no biggie.

But Billy's process, which in almost every other facet i agree with, sometimes sees this happening. He doesn't sense the rare times when not doing the logical, objectively right thing actually makes more sense, will more likely bring out the best, regardless what your process churns out to you as sensible. I think it's why he's so close with Bob Geren, another densely unaware of vibe/feel/psychology guy.

Every now and then you've got to know when to pick your spots. Now you've got a weird vibe there when everything else this spring was going so positively.

Rant over. Dang Billy. Show some feel out there from time to time, man!

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