(W)LD 2/28/12 - Spring Training, Sizemore-less, other happenings

Great Baseball Nation article showing us how good Sizemore was (vs. our other post-Chavy 3Bs). Not really that high on Donaldson.

Donaldson has spent the last two years at Triple-A, and hit .252/.331/.454 there. The average Pacific Coast League hitter posted a .286/.359/.448 line, but they also didn't have to contend with Sacramento. A's prospects at Triple-A get a good taste of what life will be like in the majors in that park, as it's one of the few PCL stadiums that kills offense -- especially homers.

The projection systems aren't optimistic, though. ZiPS has Donaldson at .210/.289/.356, and PECOTA projects him to .227/.306/.374. Amazingly, due to the poor offensive conditions in Oakland, PECOTA's line isn't that far below-average -- he's projected for a .252 True Average, whereas the average third baseman last year sat at .257. It's not pretty, but considering he entered camp as either a bench player or on his way back to the minors, it's not awful, either.

One thing I find fascinating about society today is the ability to directly converse with people we don't know, but we know a lot about; following Brooke Sizemore on Twitter as all this was going on is a window into that world. Can't help but feel bad for both of them as you read the instant reactions.

On a lighter note, BWH shared this the other day, I think it deserves wider attention: Bad Spring Training Twitpics. This is why journalists are journalists, and photographers are photographers...

The following is an incomplete list of players who are in the best shape of their lives:

Jay Bruce, Matt Diaz , Billy Butler, Brett Anderson, Kurt Suzuki, Mat Gamel and Aubrey Huff.

Your chance to sing the national anthem at a Stockton Ports game.

When are we gonna see this guy? MLB seriously has no friends in the immigration department?

manolo hernandez d.‏@beisbolporgotas

"He is a great player": SS Alexei Ramírez to mlbcom, excited to play against his countryman Yoenis Céspedes

I've never lived alone. Living Alone Makes You Weird

I don't eat seafood, but even I've eaten at The Old Clam House in SF...150 years, still going strong.

New iPad coming, I'm sure this one will feature minor design changes and get millions to drop another $600.

Dump away!

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