Winter Meetings Thread #2/Sim Update

Will Drew be the starting SS for the A's next year? - Ezra Shaw

The other thread was getting unwieldly, so let's start another

As is Beane's custom, his appearance on MLB Network last night did not yield any new information. That said, it is no secret that the A's are checking out every available shortshop. In case you missed the news last night, Yunel Escobar will be a Ray next year, taking one potential option off the table. Depending on your perspective, this is either the best indirect A's news of the offseason, or another good option off the table. Other options are also dwindling. Marco Scutaro signed a 3/$20M with SFG and the Yankees are reportedly hot on the trails of Jeff Keppinger, who comes with a 3/$12M asking price and the ability to shift to third base replace Alex Rodriguez.

So, despite the fact that I did not want the A's to trade for Escobar, I can appreciate that his trade and the other signings are now likely driving up the asking price for Stephen Drew and Hiroyuki Nakajima. After all, if Scutaro can get 3/$20M, Drew is surely worth at least $6M more over a similar time frame. It's hard to say what Nakajima wants; nevertheless, his agent knows that the A's options are getting slim and can drive a hard bargain if he'd like.

After that, who's left?

Cesar Izturis

Alex Gonzalez

Ronny Cedeno

Jason Bartlett

Munenori Kawasaki

Certainly, those guys fit the "come cheaply and with 2 years or less commitment" mold, but in terms of production... eesh. If not Drew, Nakajima, or Keppinger then the A's internal options are probably the way the team might be headed.

As far as other potentially impactful news for the A's...

  • The Dodgers and Rangers appear to be in a bidding war for Zack Greinke. If you ask me: Go Dodgers. Back up the 18-wheeler full of cash. Tell Vin Scully to adopt Greinke or something. I don't care, but please sign him before TEX does.
  • Dan Haren signed with the Nationals for 1/$13M. That Nationals rotation: Yikes. That Angels rotation, right now: Yikes, but not in a good way. Weaver is certainly an ace, but after Wilson they are staring at Garrett Richards and Jerome Williams. That would explain why they are a suitor for Brandon McCarthy and/or Edwin Jackson.
  • The Mariners are apparently still in on Josh Hamilton, as is TEX. Along with Michael Bourn. And Jason Bay. And Raul Ibanez. And any breathing baseball player who might be able to still hit. Also, they want King Felix to be a Mariner for life, meaning the A's will see him on Opening Day for the next 12 years in a row.

Also, if you want to continue the sim talk, please feel free. Here is a rundown of my transactions so far:


Bartolo Colon: 2/$10M

Hiroyuki Nakajima: 3/$30M + $10M club option/$2M buyout.

Rich Harden: 1/$700K non-guaranteed (ST invite)


Michael Taylor for Dellin Betances

Grant Green for David Freese

I'll be putting up a full wrap on Friday, including some of the trades I tried but didn't end up working out.

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