Blogfather Battles Addiction To Thanksgiving Leftovers

Christian Petersen

I'm trying to quit cold turkey.

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and Aunt Bertha certainly isn't getting any smaller. She used to shop for "full figure" size clothes, and then more recently "plus" size, and now she has to go to a special section marked, "oh my God it's coming towards me". Her kisses have also not gotten any drier.


Did you know that Brendan Ryan has had exactly 19 doubles each of the last 4 seasons? And exactly 3 triples each of the last 3 seasons? I know -- I care too!

Did you realize that the Angels' rotation, at the very moment, is Jered Weaver, CJ Wilson, Garret Richards, Jerome Williams, and Barry Enright? Sorry if I got those last three in the wrong order of suck.

No matter what their rotation winds up looking like, though, the Angels still won't be as bad as Cinderella. Cinderella is truly terrible at baseball. Seriously, she can never even get to the ball -- of course it doesn't help that she has a pumpkin for a coach.

By the way, were you aware that Kaylin, Julie, Harley, Aniya, Maddison, and Margaret all live very close to me and want to hook up with me? How do I keep not running into them? Thank goodness for the internet, or I would missed them entirely. I'm not interested in Maddison, though -- unless you're the head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving or something, you should not spell Maddison with two d's. (Go with one, or with three, and I'm fine with it.)

Now you might think that I had nothing to say about baseball at the moment, but you'd be right. However, I have never been one to allow a lack of ideas to stop me from speaking...

So allow me to pontificate -- fine, I'll just speak -- about Grant Green. Green appears to be a classic example of how you should not let context dictate what position you ask someone to play. I am convinced that the A's kept Green away from 2B -- the position I felt (and often said, as long as two years ago) was likely his best match -- because they didn't think that's where their need was. They had Jemile Weeks, after all, and then Scott Sizemore, but...

First of all, you never know when a player will bust, as Weeks seems to be doing, or get hurt, as Sizemore did, and it's not like having two good players at a position is ever a bad thing. I wish Green had spent the past couple years getting as good as he can be at 2B, and I think that's what would have happened had the A's simply looked at his skill-set and calculated that 2B is where he was most likely to succeed.

Sure, it would have been great had Green taken to CF, and it will be nice if he is capable of playing more than one position competently. But with Green, the hard part has always been getting him to play one position competently, and if there is a one position he can play adequately it probably is -- and always probably has been -- 2B.

Well, better late than never, I guess. Which is, interestingly, the same thing I said when my Aunt Bertha said she had to go home. The fact that it took her 30 minutes just to get to the door makes me think she could block wild pitches better than Derek Norris. But that's a post for another holiday weekend.

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