A Memo of Understanding to Current and Future Visiting Teams to

These guidelines are published as a general guide for all teams visiting (aka, Network Associates Coliseum and Oakland Alameda County Coliseum). Although immediately applicable to the Tigers, the memo extends to other visiting teams during the playoffs, World Series, and into next year.

1. As a result of the noise, you may want to bring earplugs to the game. While we make no apologies for the rabid fandom, the possibility of damage to eardrums is quite real.
2. Check-out time is within two hours following the final game of a series. For example, the Tigers will be leaving some time on Thursday. Extended stay is not possible due to other guests who have reservations for the next series.
3. While offers no movies (ie, pay per view or Netflix), there will be a sneak preview of "Weekend at Bernies." While much of the original cast is not part of the production, we think you'll enjoy our version.
4. Please take advantage of our fitness facilities located in the training room. It is likely that your players will do very little running during the game, except to chase baseballs hit by the home team. Additionally, your pitchers may want to utilize whirlpool treatments as whiplash and neck spasms often result from the sudden turning of the head to track homeruns. We strongly encourage that you bring a competent training staff.
5. A variety of food and beverages are available to you at all concourse levels. We even cater to those of you who have a sweet tooth. Dessert is often served following games but is in very limited supply and is only provided to the home team.
6. Don't worry about cleaning up your mess. We have a full housekeeping staff, which has recently been increased to just over 30,000. Typically, the cleaning takes place twice per week (usually Sunday and Thursday), but you would be amazed at how quickly the brooms emerge and how effective they are.
7. AARP rates are not available at this time. However, AAA guests are given a warm welcome.
8. We are non-discriminatory in accepting guests of all backgrounds: sea voyagers, Lone Star law enforcement, cherubim, kings, animals, and various colors of hosiery (to name a few).

We hope you will enjoy your stay. I'm quite sure we will.

The Management

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