What matters most in winning Post season series? Some data...

Hello. I posted on another post that I had looked up the results of every Post-season baseball series from 2004-1969 and tallied up some team totals to determine which was the stat to most likely correlate with the team to win the series.

I started in 1969 as it was the first season of League Championship Series. I stopped in 2004 because that's when the book I used was printed. I have not excluded the past 8 seasons results due to any reason other than not having the data. Our family is moving and I just didn't have the time. I used the book while sitting in a parked car while my daughter was napping today (she got used to napping in the car while listening to the A's this season.

Yes, I should have counted most errors allowed as well and the book didn't have OBP for the playoffs. Perhaps, I will examine those using baseball reference with the last 8 seasons.

Here is what I have.

In 149 post-season series.....

The team with the higher Batting Average in the Series - WON 110 Lost 37 Tied 2 (74% win)

The team with the MOST HITS in the Series - WON 102 Lost 41 Tied 6 (71% win)

The team with the MOST HRs in the Series - WON 93 Lost 39 TIed 17 (70% win)

The team with the MOST Ws received in the Series WON 82 Lost 55 Tied 12 (59.8% win)

The team with the MOST Strike Outs thrown in Series WON 87 Lost 60 Tied 2 (59.2% win).

Does this settle anything? Probably not. I thought the importance of Batting Average in the post-season would be pretty high before I started. I am not surprised that the team who had the higher bating average was the winner at the highest rate. I would imagine that On-Base Percent would be pretty much a match with the Batting Average.

Looks like striking out a great deal or getting the most walks may not be such a big deal in the playoffs.

I will try and update some more when I have the time to find some other data.


In 1974 and 1973 the A's won 2 very close World Series winning 1 category walks in 73 and 2 tied categories in 74, they were behind in every other category those years.

In 1988, the Dodgers beat the Mets even though the Mets had more Hits, HR, Strike outs thrown, Walks received and a better batting average. HOWEVER, the Mets beat the Astros in 86 without winning any category either.

In 2000, the A's won every category but lost to the NYY.

In 1990, the A's swept the Red Sox without hitting a HR.

In 2004, the Red Sox swept the Cards winning every category.

In 1990, the Reds beat Pittsburgh even though they walked 27 Pirates and only had 10 walks received.

In 2003 the A's lost to the Red Sox DESPITE having a better batting average, more walks received, more strike-outs thrown and the same number of HRs

In 2004, The Red Sox won over NYY and in 2002 the Giants won their division series - even though they were behind in all categories EXCEPT HRs

In 2003, The Marlins beat NYY behind in all categories except Strike-Outs

In 1979, the Pirates had 81 Hits, the Orioles 54 hits. In a 7 game series with a pretty close run total.

In 1980, the Phillies beat the Astros despite giving up 31 walks and only receiving 13

In 1981, the Expos beat the Phils even though they lost every category BUT walks

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