Mea Culpa Thread: How wrong (and right) were you about the A's this year?

The point of this thread, which if you participate will be a blast, is to acknowledge where you were most right and most wrong about this year's team.

Let me explain: Your job is to either cut and paste the most inaccurate thing you wrote or said about the team or a player this year. But to also include the most correct prediction you made about the team or a player, given the season's outcome.

Obviously, the more extreme the better. What player did you most miss on? What player did you get right when others had no faith? Did you say something about the team you regret?

And these need to be bold statements, if possible. I'll start.

My worst statement about the A's came, appropriately, in the May 30 post-game thread. Here it is:

A's are such a sad franchise

One of the worst in all of sports.

The are now completely unwatchable. I took my daughter to Sunday’s game against the Yankees (2-0 loss), and nothing happened. We still managed to have a good time, but the team was about as uninteresting as could possibly be imagined. We could have had the same good time anywhere. The team contributed nothing to the day.

Was today’s game on television? I’m a teacher, free now, and didn’t even bother to check. And I’m at home.

This is from a fan of 40+ years who could talk to you about any season.

We’ve become a collection of nobodies.

I’m officially rooting for the team to lose—or I’m just indifferent to it all—because it has absolutely no prospects and the only hope is to be bad enough for long enough that we can draft and develop (yes: wishful thinking) some stars.

That's really embarrassing. I'm guessing that will be tough to top.

My post I'm most proud of came in the thread "What to Make of Josh Donaldson???" on August 13. The thread discussed Inge's trip to the DL and the return of Josh Donaldson. Donaldson got battered in the thread. Look it up and you'll see what I mean. Here's what I'm proud to say I wrote in it:

I'm guessing those burying Donaldson above

likely buried Chris Carter.

I remember bagging on Carter during both his stints. Now, I realize the guy just needed more time. I was wrong then; don’t want to be wrong again by dismissing Donaldson.

The truth is that we can’t really know. So much is mental, so much is confidence for those guys that are not Mike Trout types.

Not a ringing endorsement of certain success, but I'm proud I countered the dismissiveness that was all over the thread and stood up for JD.

So what about the rest of you? What did you get especially wrong and especially right about this year's team?

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