Get a great deal on some Raiders tickets, I have some extra Jags and Saints tickets and many more.

A's Fans! First of all, it was a great season. Whether there were 8,000 or 40,000 in the seats at games I was at, I still felt the love. Also.. during the home series v. Texas, my friend said how a crowd of 20,000 was louder than 40,000 at a Giants game ;-)

We have a few unsold tickets to a few of the Raiders Games coming up:

  • Eight $55 tickets (100 Level) for the Jaguars Game, 10/21
  • Six $40 tickets (300 Level) for the Saints Game, 11/18
  • Two $60 tickets (100 Level) for the Saints Game, 11/18

The Spot (, a new youth center in Oakland Chinatown, is selling tickets to Oakland Raiders games this season. Prices range from $40 to $60, and a portion of each ticket sold goes to the youth center. We are selling tickets to as many home games as possible, and now it includes the Broncos so you watch our division rival.

Prices/sections vary:

  • 300 Level ($40)
  • 200 Level ($45)
  • 100 Level ($55)
  • 100 Level ($60)

See the seating chart for pricing options

See the chart for sections/pricing level. All orders are filled with the best seating available. We need to sell a minimum of 20 tickets total per game, otherwise we will be unable to do the fundraiser at the available pricing. We will not take anyones' money until we know for sure we have tickets for them.

The Spot is offering a few games this season:

  • #1 Oct 21st v. Jaguars 1:25pm
  • #2 Nov 4th v. Buccaneers 1:05pm
  • #4 Dec 2nd v. Browns 1:05pm
  • #5 Dec 6th v. Broncos 5:20pm
  • #6 Dec 16th v Chiefs 1:05pm

(Final ticket counts need to be submitted to the Raiders 30 days before the game, but the higher profile match-ups might sell out quicker. The Spot won't guarantee having tickets within 30 days of the gamedays).



1. Order tickets from Spot Fundraising Committee Chair Mike Lok or call 510-306-1866

2. Either be prepared to give Mike a mailing address so he can get you the tickets, pick up the tickets at The Spot when they're available, or those tickets will be under your name at Will Call.

3. Mike needs to submit the final ticket counts 30 days before each gameday but tickets in those sections tend to sell out much sooner especially for the big matchups.

4. Payment: The Spot does not have a corporate credit card, so Mike fronts the money for the tickets himself and then transfers it to The Spot, therefore we would like to collect payments as soon as possible.


If you can't make it to the games and would still like to support we hope you could spread the word of the games to your friends or consider making a direct donation to The Spot which are tax-deductible:

For more information about The Spot, look on our website ( or check out our Facebook page ( or Twitter (!/thespotoakland)

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