Looking For An Expert In Authentic '89 WS A's Jerseys [lots of pics]

Hi everyone!

First time poster at AN. I didn't know if this was an appropriate place to request assistance, but I figure that many ANers may be looking to purchase a throwback authentic jersey from the '89 team either now or in the future, and with so many fakes floating there on ebay, I figure this post could be a resource for anyone looking for an authentic '89 jersey.

In the excitement of the A's magical run, I decided to finally invest in an authentic A's jersey. Being a child of the 80's, I wanted one of my favorite player, Dennis Eckersley. I had already purchased a replica of Eckersley's '89 WS jersey, but now I was ready for the real thing. So I went on ebay, and looked around for a reputable seller, and settled on winning this auction for a Rawlings '89 Eckersley jersey. It seemed legit because:

  1. Rawlings at the time supplied the A's with jerseys at the time. (Majestic only started supplying A's jerseys starting in 2003, and if you look at those jerseys, they have the mlb logo on the back collar, which they didn't have in 1989)
  2. The site said it would guarantee its authenticity or give $1000, AND
  3. At $170, the price point was about right for an authentic jersey.

I've now just received this jersey, so I wanted to share some pics with AN to see if this is the "real deal."

First, here is a pic of the whole jersey:


Overall, the fabric is high quality. It has the "Battle of the Bay" logo on the right sleeve, and the '89 Stomper logo and the black band commemorating the death of then-Commissioner A. Bart Giamatti. Here's a close-up of the lettering:


What I first found odd was the large amount of loose threads (like the green thread on the "A" and the yellow thread on the bottom are the two more obvious examples). Would the quality of stitching in 1989 explain this? I know if stitching like this was found on a modern jersey it would almost surely indicate a fake.


Again, more loose threads on top of the "t" and the "i."


The threading for the numbers, however, is very clean, with no loose threading at all.

Here's a close-up of the Rawling's tag on the bottom of the jersey:


It's sewn on, and I don't know if this is something Rawlings typically does.

Also, there's velcro just behind the "Athletics" lettering. Again, I don't know if this is typical of Rawlings jerseys:


Here's a close-up of the right sleeve:


Again, some weird loose strands on the Rawlings logo. Also, the placement of the Rawlings logo is not consistent with the game-worn jerseys during the '89 Series, as evidenced by this auction for a game-worn A's '89 jersey. But it isn't uncommon to have slight discrepancies between actual game-worn jerseys and "authentic" jerseys sold at retail.

Here's the left sleeve with the embroidered Stomper:




Lots of fuzz around the outside of the logo.

Here's a picture of the back:


The stitching on "Eckersley" and "43" looks top-notch.

Lastly, the inner tag:



There are several codes on the back: "03B", "WPL 3957", and "CA 21081". Any significance?

So that's what I got. ANers, I need a verdict: is this jersey the real deal?

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