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At the beginning of this year, I can admit that my predictions for the season were very similar to those on Bleacher report, saying we would probably finish in the 3rd or 4th place in the AL West. I just didn't see us having as much firepower after the trades. It's funny, though. After reading Moneyball two years ago, you'd think I would have been a little smarter about the whole thing. I mean, we have Billy Beane.

These crazy acquisitions were all executed for a reason, we just needed to wait a little bit. Just a few names, for Gio, Cahill, Baily, we got Derek Norris? Tommy Milone? Jarrod Parker? JOSH REDDICK? WHO?! I was reading a prospect book awhile back, and I remember reading something about Reddick claiming not to expect more than 9 or 10 home runs in a season as a full starter. At the time Reddick already had gone yard 7 times. Each Major league roster acquisition benefitted the team this year in some point in the season(not too sure about Jesse Chavez yet.... let's wait and see for next year.)

Beane did this once, and they made a movie out of it. Now that he did it again, I don't think I'm going to second guess his decisions anymore. I give credit to Beane for getting the guys in the organization, Melvin for placing them in the lineup, and each one of those players for exceeding the whole league's expectations. I don't think there was any big evidence in March hinting at an AL West title, and for that each member of this Athletics group deserves a lot of respect.

Wish I could have seen them in the playoffs long enough for the tarps to come down; but anyways this was a season to remember, regardless of what team a fan roots for. The A's won with clutch hitting, solid defense, and excellent showings from the whole pitching staff. This year was truly a team effort, and never have I seen a group of guys come together and actually have this much fun in REAL LIFE baseball. (the "Major League" movies are another story).

I just now realized everyone clicked here to watch the video (hence the title). The link is at the top of the article if you missed it. Hope you like the video! (And the music choices at the beginning and end). If you liked the video, giving it a thumbs up, subscribing to the new channel I'm a part of, or even sharing it with a friend would mean so much to me; you might even persuade them to rep green and gold!

Go A's!!! Great season, everyone!


All 3 highlights here!

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