An Open Letter to Bud Selig

Mr. Selig,

All Major League Baseball fans witnessed something special that happened in Oakland this season.

Everyone got to witness that the San Francisco Bay Area will support two teams. We can all argue the challenges the A's have (one of the oldest stadiums, stadium location, multiuse stadium, etc) but the past few months have demonstrated that when the A's are able to put a productive team on the field, the East Bay, the South Bay, and all of Northern California will support this team.

While it helped that the A's players and organization created an atmosphere that made the games all that more entertaining and exciting, the ultimate fact is that this season demonstrated that this team deserves the attention and focus of Major League Baseball as soon as possible to bring a resolution to the A's stadium issues.

What MLB has done to the fans of Northern California is a total embarrassment. It has been more than 1300 days since Major League Baseball formed your Blue Ribbon panel to determine a solution to the A's Stadium issue. In that time your organization has only further embarrassed itself deeper.

During this season, the A's organization has again demonstrated that while the MLB continues to hamstring the team, they are able to run an organization so successfully that they are able to be successful in spite of what MLB has put them through.

Now, As the A's wrap up a season that saw their defeated players come out onto the field to applaud and thank their fans, it is time for MLB to show the same level of respect and bring the waiting to a conclusion. End the embarrassment and unfair pain you have caused the fans of Northern California now that these fans have clearly demonstrated that they support this team at a level that was highlighted and commented on by visiting teams throughout the entire final month if games.

It's your move, Bud. It's also time to do the right thing for these fans and this organization.


AN---I am sending this letter to MLB, TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. and I hope people will either copy this letter and send them as well or that people will write their own because I strongly believe its time for MLB to get this whole thing resolved!

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