Morning joy!

Its 4:29 AM and I’m waking up to the sounds of my kid crying in his bed. He’s made his way al to the top of his bed and managed to get all his stuffed animals to surround him. He seems to be unable to get back to a more comfortable position so I help him and settle him back into a more relaxed position. I give him his favourite pet and quickly remove myself from his bedroom hoping he will go right back to sleep. At this time the A’s have already played an hour and I check in to see the box score… 2-0 down, 1 hit and a bunch of strikeouts over 3 1/2 innings. This seems to be tough night over in Oakland. I’m tempted to turn on the computer and watch the game but I know I have a busy day up ahead. Going back to bed the I never got to really sleep again and the A’s are playing my version of the game in my head.

An hour later I give in and check again. Man on third nobody out, then a few seconds later I see a run scored and one out, we’re back in the game! I expected a sacrifice fly but when I turn on I saw Drew’s double and him being tagged when he was waved around to third. I was afraid this could be a deciding moment in the game since we had a rough time at the plate up until Drew’s double.

I must be honest with you, I was just too scared to keep watching. So I turned to listening to the play by play and switching back to video when Donaldson made the great plat. Finally at around 6 AM I laid down the phone and went to take my morning shower, a bit early for me but hey I’m awake anyways.

Back from the shower I see it’s become 3-1. My son has woken up again and this time it’s time for him to get out of bed. The morning ritual has now really begun and I go to the kitchen and make him his breakfast. Now down at the table starting to feed him his breakfast I can’t control it anymore and need to see how the A’s are doing. 2nd and 3rd and nobody out… holy shit what just happened here! So here I am with a hungry kid, trying to watch the game and get him fed. Smith hits the double and I almost spill my kids milk raising my arms. He looks at me surprised and you see him wondering what got me all worked up this morning. Before I know it Kottaras is out and I wonder what happened to the bunt and the sac fly… Then Pennington is down on strikes. It’s now around 7 AM and I am trying to think of excuses to call in to the office why I am late…extra’s seem to be looming. Before I could think of a good reason Coco had already hit the ball… now I am ready for the close play at home… no need for it as the outfielder misses the ball… Celebration!!!

As things cooled down we finished breakfast and I was left with this overwhelming feeling of joy. What a cool way this was to introduce my son to my other passion… the A’s!!!

It has always been my intension to introduce him to baseball and especially the A’s. When he was born (august 2011) my colleagues we’re wondering what to get us, they knew of my love for baseball and were going to try and purchase some baseball gear. I expected this and I said them no Yankees or Red Sox gear would enter my house, which happen to be about the only baseball gear you can get here (for toddlers at least). So sure enough they asked me what team was my favourite. It took some time but in the end they got us an A’s shirt and sweater. We fitted the shirt a few times but it was too big… today we put it on again and still a little oversized it looks pretty good on him! What a day to fit into your first A’s shirt!

Already a proud father this day will be cemented into my brain for ever…



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