A's should sign Manny Ramirez & Roy Oswalt

The A's should think about signing Manny Ramirez and Roy Oswalt.

Let us start with Manny. While most of you would think signing Manny is not a good idea, I will try to put to you a plan that would make it worthwhile for the A's. Manny has been suspended by MLB for 50 games. He is looking to come back to majors. It is likely that many teams would not be interest in waiting and dealing with the whole "Manny" thing. So if the A's were to sign Manny to a major league deal that pays him the minimum, but has a bonus system built in, so that when he is activated (after the 50 games is served) he could make more.

The A's would then keep him "locked away" for the 50 games and then trade him. If there is no interest, they could always just cut him. The basic idea is based around, $150,000 bet. You pay Manny for 50 days and then hope that you can sell him off. Likely the A's would have no interest in keeping him, but if they can trade him.

Manny would be interest, because he just wants to get the 50 games done and should understand that he is getting moved soon after the 50 games are up and likely to a team in the hunt. The question becomes, is it worth the cash to try to get more cash or a prospect in the future? Would the A's risk the $150K?

Signing Roy Oswalt is also a bet. If the A's were to sign Roy, for between 8 and 12 million of which 2 to 4 million was a signing bonus the A's would get a few positive points. First, it puts more on the payroll, and if MLB is hot and bothered, about getting the A's to a 40-50 million payroll. this signing gets the A's there. While the A's are getting near that amount, with the Coco signing, they might not stay there, if they trade away Balfour or Fuentes. Second, the A's get a veteran pitcher that gives them one more arm, early in the season to keep a Parker, Peacock or Milone in AAA. And third, and best of all, he is a great chip to trade in June. With the Red Sox rolling out Silva and the Yanks guys like Garcia and Colon, it is very likely that one or two teams would kill to get an Oswalt come June or July.

Problems...well first and Roy healthy? Sure there is risk. But not my call, but if the A's think he is they should get him.

I guess this comes down to, if the A's would risk money to buy a guy they want to flip. I would think they would be happy paying a few million just to keep Parker and Co down. How much is a B or B+ prospect you might get in a deal? This idea is like what the A's were going to do with Sheets, but he got hurt and screwed up that.

There has been much talk about signing a Ross or a Ludwick. The problem with signing those guys if the A's want to flip them, is that they are still just Ludwick and Ross. They will not get much for them. Add to the idea that hitters come to the Oakland Colisum to die, why bother with hitters you want to flip (Manny is different, because he is not playing). The nice thing about Roy, is that the upside is big. Cost is more but the win is much more. Playing in the Colisum will help Roy.

Anyway, that is it. Hope you enjoy.

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