DLD 1/30/12 - fANfest!

While I know we will be getting some primo content from our AN members that got to do the blogger event at Fanfest, I thought it would be nice to have a spot for all of us to comment/chat/share our thoughts on the event...

As you might have have heard, the A's threw their (hopefully) annual Fanfest yesterday, which went well. There was a general feeling of optimism, good vibes, and baseball in the air. Which, for the middle of winter, is a good thing. I think having it in the Oracle Arena worked out fine, except that only one beer stand was open (seriously?) and we couldn't see the A's locker rooms, etc. (and get to experience the stench first hand).

Some observations:

David Justice noted that Oakland is in his top 3 fan bases that are best at heckling opposing players. He noted that once one of his teammates on the Indians, Richie Sexson, actually asked to DH a game because he didn't want to play OF and deal with us. I agree with justplainAJ that we need to preserve this reputation.

Hatteberg said that he lives in a small town and nobody knew that he was a former MLB player until Moneyball broke the news to them.

Vida Blue said the most memorable moment of his career was when he and teammate Gene Tenace got called up from minor league Omaha to join the A's on the same day, and then he got arrested and went to jail for jaywalking that night.

Michael Taylor fielded a baseball trivia team against Braden...Taylor's "Stanford" team kept getting questions like "how many stitches are on a baseball?" where Braden's "Stockton" team got softballs like "what's the difference between a no-hitter and a perfect game?" Taylor complained that the game was rigged but Braden said "good things happen to good people!"

Curt Young said McCarthy will be the #1 starter, Colon #2. Also, they won't need a 5th starter until mid-April, so Braden will have a few extra weeks to rehab.

Lew Wolff was booed when they mentioned the one-on-one interviews, and a notable number of fans started a "Lew Wolff Sucks" chant. Kind of ugly.

I got a few pics of some of our shiny new additions.


Seth Smith, pondering his platoon splits and sample sizes.


Jonny Gomes, showing off his new mohawk. Kid with mohawk just found his new favorite player.


Brad Peacock.

A few more pics here


PHUT! got the now-famous CoFro bobblehead autographed by Coco himself! What did Coco say when you showed it to him?



Our beloved SuSlu breaks down the event. The ManRam rumors continue to fly.

Assistant general manager David Forst confirmed that the team would consider signing [Manny] Ramirez, who'd be a non-roster signing because he must serve a 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy before he could play any big-league games.

"He's just a pure hitter, and he knows what he's doing," starter Dallas Braden said of Ramirez, who has 555 career home runs. "If something like that does happen, we can only benefit. But we're also creating something here with dedication, hard work and appreciation for the game, and anybody who comes on board is going to have to accept that."

She posted another summary here, sharing some more opinion

Added: Jane Lee's Summary of Lew Wolff's press conference

Notable Tweets:

Odd, Dave Justice & limo waiting on . Late 4 dinner, late 4 fanfest. Weird cuz says ur usually early most nights
On a scale of 1-sweet, I had a mind blowing good time @ FANFEST! Thanks OAKTOWN 4 the faithful dedication u show 2 the green & gold! 209 out
Suzuki: the candy necklace you wear looks delicious. Can you tell us all where to get some?
Barton says throwing should be 100% by mid-March, and he's aiming to be ready Opening Day. But might put him behind in 1B battle

Braden is throwing off mound for first time since surgery tomorrow in Stockton. "Buy a ticket," he cracks.

What Barton needs to do to win the 1B job back is: hit, hit, hit.
2B Jemile Weeks says his brother Rickie is godfather to Prince Fielder's kids. I asked if that makes him god-uncle and (cont) Weeks replied, "If he asked me, I'd accept the position. Especially now." #Athletics

For those who attended, I invite you to drop your general comments, tweets, links, and pics below, would love to see them.

Post-fan fest my wife and I went to this place called homeroom on 40th Street in Oakland. That's right, it's an all mac 'n' cheese restaurant. SOLID end to Fanfest.

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