How my preseason Fanpost of MLB the Show 11 predictions fared

I know the season is not over but i"m bored and our season is essentially over... so lets see how my preseason simulation I posted here Mid March fared over the season..... with First post reprinted and in bold

This years version of the Show is pretty much exactly the same as last year's if all you do is play (or sim huge parts of it like I do) the franchise mode. The only thing they really touched was a better trade mechanic.  With that being said it is still fricking awesome.  Anyway having completed the first two seasons (2011 and 12) this is what is being foreshadowed by the all knowing Mauer box:


The A's will ultimately finish 75 and 87. WTF this is not improvement. They hang around 500 until about the middle of June and are neck and neck with Texas for first.  Cahill goes down for a 3 week period coinciding with a 5 and 13 stretch by our beloved A's, thus rendering them out of contention by the All Star break.  Beane ships Bailey, Ellis, Balfour, and Kouzmanoff, and Matsui in separate trades. Ugly. Be Wrong Mauer!!!!!!

As for our players:

Barton  .299 avg 8 hr 58 rbis 389 obp                Seems like a solid outcome

Pennington  232, 6, 38                                           Ugly

Willingham .266, 27, 82                                         Ill take that

Dejesus    .298, 4, 27  in 235 ABs                        Not too shabby, hopefully no one @#$% with de jesus

Suzuki    .255, 13, 54                                              Looks to be going from underrated to overrated

Carter: drumroll please............... 303AB 5 hr 27 RBI 208 OBP         Im weeping


Cahill   9-15 3.53                                                    Give me some of that

Anderson 12-11 3.53

Gio   7-9           3.81 125 k's                                 

Braden  7-15 4.03                                                  Allstar! but terrible second half (Bailey was other all star)

Harden 10-12  4.69                                                 Healthy!



Fuentes  2.76

Balfour 3.23

wuertz 4.21

Blevins 2.91

Ziggy 3.03



Cards  with Wainright, over Rays in series


Adrian Gonzalez for the year .363 66 Hrs 182 RBI







So... here is how it went down for real.


Barton: predicted a fairly crappy year with everything except a nice obp... and  True!

Penny: predicted also an ugly year... but not quite as ugly as reality..... True!

Willingham.. very accurate... True!!!

Dejesus: Got the Ab part right, take away the nice BVG. and perfect... True!

Suzuki: Scarily accurate... True!!!

Carter... had he gotten a shot like that (303 Abs) we probably  would see this... True!!!

Cahill: Mostly mediocre so.... True

Gio: Not absurdly better in reality, and very similar but i will say... small false


Incomplete on other starters.


The record looks to be scarily..... True!!!!



And yes A Gon is good still

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