MONEYBALL - Your directors cut

If you have seen MONEYBALL, I would be very very interested to hear your "director's cut", and what you would have done to make it better.  Overall, I had a fantastic time, but then again, it's a movie about my beloved A's, so I think there are some key things that could have made it even better.  My main purpose isn't to hear myself talk, but to hear what everyone else would have changed (if anything) to make it one of the best sports movies of all time (if it isn't already).

This is simply my own impression, so I have the luxury of not being either right nor wrong :)  Here we go...

>  The movie was 45-minutes too long.  The middle seemed to really lose a lot of the crowd.  Instead of 2 hours and 15 minutes, it should have been 1 and a half hours to keep the pace going, especially since it's about data and stats.  The Social Network seemed to keep a good pace, despite the computer/web-driven premise of Facebook.  There were too many scenes of absolute silence with no mood music, etc.  I like the (OBVIOUS SPOILERS OF COURSE FROM HERE ON OUT) solitude of Billy in the empty coliseum going through the exact same agony we all did when the A's got eliminated from the 2001 ALDS, and the silence interrupted by an abrupt / alarming chair throwing (SERIOUSLY, STOP READING IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS, I'M GOING INTO LOTS OF MOVIE DETAILS).  There were 7 or 8 times the audience uproariously laughed, especially the scenes with the scouts, which I thought were brilliant.  The movie just seemed to lag in between those scenes.

>  I wish the movie would have developed Hatteberg and Bradford's characters so we could have had a greater emotion when they succeeded.  The movie seemed like it was trying to hard to force an emotional celebration on his walk-off homer.  It also would have been nice to have more intense/intimidating baseball action to show what a high level the MLB plays, to give us more appreciation for what the A's are up against perhaps.

>  The ending reminded me of "The Return of the King", not knowing when it was going to end.  Seemed to end on a downer note, making you leave the theater in sort of a downer-mood, not a happy one.

>  Finally, i just didn't feel like the movie really communicated just how incredible the 20-win streak was.  To be fair, I'm not sure how I would have improved that, but in many regards a 20-win streak is more impressive than winning a world series.  I also don't get the feeling that they really communicated that the team actually *IMPROVED* by a game despite replacing Giambi, Damon, and Isringhausen with Hatteberg and Bradford.

Overall, I had an absolute ball of a time.  I'm just wondering - if the team happened to be a team I didn't care for, perhaps even in a different sport altogether, what would have made me still this film was fantastic.

And finally, a shout-out to my buddy Melvin Perdue who played Ray Durham and even got a really nice slow-motion moment in the end of the film! :)



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