In what can only be the greatest day in the history of calling up backup catchers, we learned late last night that the Athletics optioned catcher Landon Powell to the AAA Sacramento Rivercats.


The story was broken by our beloved Susan Slusser, who first released the news on twitter:


Susan Slusser
Landon Powell tells The Chronicle he has been demoted to Triple-A Sacramento.


Slusser then went on to let us know that Powell's replacement would be Anthony Recker:

I am hearing indications that it will, indeed, be Anthony Recker taking Powell's spot, though he is not on the 40-man roster. #Athletics


The 27 year old Recker is hitting .287/.388/.501 in 99 games for Sacramento with 16 home runs and 24 doubles.  His non-adjusted wRC+ is 117.


Ok, so obvious MikeV/LoneStranger jokes aside, why does the backup catcher matter really on a team that's 15 games out?  How much will Recker actually play?  Are Kurt Suzuki's days numbered in Oakland?  Did the A's really send Powell down because of service time issues in order to avoid arbitration with him?  According to the reasonably well informed Cots' Contracts, Landon had 1.153 years of service time before the start of the season.  He could potentially avoid Super-Two status by missing the last month+ of the year. 


I'm not very well versed in issue like this, but would the MLBPA not have the ability to file a grievance on Powell's behalf if that was truly the case?  Powell's quote was that he was thankful to the A's and would love to come back next year.


In the long run I don't think this has much of an effect on the team.  Powell was a backup, Recker will be a backup, Kurt Suzuki is going to continue to be the starter.  Anybody have any clue why this was done?  The only real reason I can think of is the service time/super two issue.


Also, Recker was not on the 40 man roster.  We haven't learned of a corresponding move to free up a spot yet.  I can't help but wonder if someone like Figueroa will be removed.  I'd think if there was something like a Rich Harden or Hideki Matsui waiver trade we'd have heard something by now.


But, yeah.  Anyway...  RECKER?????

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