AN Day is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 8/17: Okay, the tickets are all claimed, so if you can't go anymore, you should post it here, and if you still want to come, check here first, and then check the ticket office (or ask me at the tailgate, just in case I get late word from anyone...)

Please post below what you plan on bringing to the tailgate. It looks like desserts might be covered, so what we really need is food and drinks (both alcohol and non-alcohol). We have ice, plates, napkins, utensils, etc., taken care of, although if your dish requires a serving utensil stronger than a plastic spoon, you probably want to bring one with you.

We will be arriving early on Saturday, probably around 3ish.


That's right, AN Day, this Saturday August 20th.

The game starts at 6:05pm.

The pre-game tailgate will be in the usual spot (north lot, eastern end of rows 12 or 14 or so)

Post-game fireworks (with an Elvis theme!)

And most likely, a post-game continuation of the pre-game tailgate. ;)


As noted in an earlier thread, there is an event going on at Oracle Arena beginning at 7:30 the same night. The A's game starts at 6:05pm. Our tailgating will certainly start as early as possible. ;)  I talked with the A’s last week, and they are NOT planning on doing directed parking, so we can park wherever we want.

The parking lot will open 3 hours prior to gametime (although many of us know that they sometimes open even earlier), and the parking will be the regular $17 until 6:30pm, when it goes up to $35 per car. Plan accordingly.



Let's use this thread to talk about tailgate plans - who's bringing what, etc.....I think the headcount for the tailgate is around 50 or 60, but it could always be more or less.....


Please note: We already have utensils, plates, napkins, etc...., so no need to bring those (unless they are for serving whatever you bring).  I will have a cooler, and there are usually a few other coolers as well, so if you bring something that needs to stay chilled, there will be space.


Here's the last thread in case anyone needs to know more.....(the attendance list has changed slightly, so ignore that....)  ;)


There are presently three extra tickets. If anyone wants them, email me immediately. They'll be offered up to non-ANers by midweek, so AN gets a few days priority......

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