GOG #21 The A's vs. The Orioles

EDIT 3:05pm: Busy day at work for me... just getting to look back here. I agree we'll delete questions #4 since it seems to easy. amd we'll take qualified hitters or not for #7. Sorry for any confusion! --streetfan

EDIT 10:30am: These GOGs are harder than they look! After some discussion (below), I changed the Qs a bit. 


Well A's fans, it's been a bit of a disappointing week (understatement!). We did manage to sweep the Orioles the last time we saw them, so let's look forward to some winning in Baltimore! Our records are pretty even (A's 27-33, O's 26-31) so who knows what will happen.

Game time Monday is 4:05pmPT. Please post your best guesses by then.

Also, it might be hard to rally the energy after a 6-game losing streak, but go vote for the All-Star Game. At least some of our pitchers should get in, right?!

Probable Pitchers  (Sun. 9:05pm: Interesting that we have only 1 pitcher ready? When the other pitchers are listed, can someone please let us know? Thanks!)

Athletics vs Orioles coverage

The Last GOG (Red Sox)


GOG- Orioles, 6/6-6/8 in Baltimore (42 pts possible, plus bonus)

  1. Series outcome (3 games, 3 pts)
  2. Everyone seems to like Starz and Goatz: Pick one player from each team who will do great stuff (best series WPA) and who will have a meltdown (negative series WPA). (2 pts each, 8 total)
  3. Of the A's starting pitchers (Gio Gonzalez, ?? and ??), who stays in longest (IP)? How many Ks does this stud have? Within 5, how many pitches does he throw? (1 pt, 2 pts, 2 pts)
  4. What is the order of the AL West when this series is done? Are the A's above .500? (2pts for each team in current place, and 2 pts)
  5. Name two players who hit homeruns, either team. (2 pts each)
  6. Will we see any new players on the team, due to injuries, trades, firings, promotions, etc? Which positions change? (2 pts each, 4 total)
  7. In the AL, Matt Joyce (Rays) and Jose Bautista (Jays) lead the hitters. One of the best Orioles (N. Reimold) is hitting .319. Who is the best-hitting Athletic and what is his Avg at the end of the series? (2 pts each)

BONUS (counted by "coaching visits to the mound"): How many times in the series does our fearless leader (?) Geren go on the field to talk to a player or ump (change pitchers, etc)? Does he get tossed? (guess +/- 2 for 2 pts., 2 pts)

(I wanted to think up some funny question, like "How many times do Glen & Ray talk about food?" but I couldn't think of any good way to count or score this.....)

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