GOG #28 vs. the Diamondbacks

Kirk Gibson He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named brings his surprising Arizona Diamondbacks to the Coliseum to kick off the second half...



Probable Pitchers


AZ Snakepit

Do your homework

GOG #27 vs. the Marlins

The Questions

1. Series outcome (3 games) [3 points]

2. Starz and Goatz: High roller edition. Name as many players as you want (either team) who will have a positive cumulative WPA for the series. You can name as few or as many players as you want, but here's the catch: For every player you correctly guess, you get two points. If you guess ANY player that gets a negative WPA, you get zero points for the question. Anyone who doesn't play in the series or ends up with a WPA of zero doesn't count for or against you. [Theoretically 100 points, but probably not]

3. The Diamondbacks have a promotion with Taco Bell that whenever the Snakes score six or more runs in a game, Taco Bell gives out three free tacos the next day. It seems that more than a few people here care more about the free food than whether the D-Backs actually win the game. Does Arizona get free tacos from any game? [1 point]

4. Holy crap! It's Rich Harden and he's starting an A's game! Does he get a Win, Loss, or ND on Friday? Also... H/BB/K/ER [2 points each; 10 total]

5. Chicks dig the long ball: The D-Backs are tied for 4th in the majors with 91 home runs this year. You-Know-Who is dead last with less than half that. How many home runs for each team in the series? [1 point each; 2 total]

6. Ian Kennedy has been the workhorse of the Snakes starting five, with an 8-2 record, 3.01 ERA, and an opponent's batting average of .227. How many H/ER/HR/K for Ian? [2 points each; 8 total]

7. This question went on the DL, meaning no points The bullpen has been a bit of a sore point recently here in the desert. In June, normally reliable closer J.J. Putz converted only five of nine save opportunities and posted an ERA on the wrong side of six. Andrew Bailey, on the other hand, had a sub-one ERA, converted all but one of his save opportunities, and had an opponent's batting average nearly half of J.J.'s. For each, answer Bailey, Putz, both, or neither:

At least 1.1 IP   /   2 or more K's   /   2 or more hits   /   Earns a save. [1 point each; 4 total]

8. So far in 2011 interleague play, the AL has a slight edge over the NL with a 107-103 record. Which league has more wins after Sunday's action? [1 point]


Answers due by 7:05pm PDT Friday

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