DLD 6.27.11 - Start the week off right

Bummed about losing 2/3 to the Phillies? Don't be.

You could be a fan of the Red Soxwho lost a series to the Pirates.

Side note - funny piece by Grant of McCovey Chronicles/Baseball Nation: Tim Wakefield is Probably a Wizard

2. Tim Wakefield is the active career leader in wins
All of the others above him have retired due to injury. Or age. Mostly age. But don’t think that Wakefield didn’t have a hand it it. He has 19 more wins than Roy Halladay, who should probably just chill for a bit.

7. He is the active career leader in hit batsmen
This is because wizards are jerks.

8. His nickname for his knuckleball is "The Niekromancer"
Well, it should be. Especially if he’s a wizard. But he probably calls it "Professor Flutters" or something to throw people off track.

You could be Frank McCourt, who can probably be seen begging for change on a Highway 101 offramp.

You could be broadcaster or reporter in Los Angeles, who now have to refer to screwy Lakers star Ron Artest as Metta World Peace.

While checking out, I found this somewhat uplifting article: 5 Reasons Life Actually Does Get Better (language kinda NSFW).

Even Dontrelle Willisnow pitching for Cincinnati's AAA club, is keeping his head up:

D_Train35     Everyone keep grindin for that prize. Have a good week. #flocka

 via Twitter for Android

It's a proven fact: A's fans live longer.


Before delivering the ceremonial opening pitch on June 18 at the Coliseum in honor of her 100th birthday, Frances Perenon limbered up at home by swinging her pitching arm in wide circles.

The exercise paid off when she delivered a solid underhand throw to start that evening's A's-Giants game. The crowd of more than 36,000 rose in a standing ovation for Perenon, an A's season ticket holder since 1970.

How far had she thrown it? someone asked. "I didn't measure it, but I know it went 84 miles an hour," she quipped.


ESPN's Jayson Stark examines Mark Cuban's efforts to own a baseball team.


And the commish's current view of Cuban, says one longtime management source, is that "he's a squeaky wheel. … And that ain't Bud Selig."

Here's how another source, who has attended many an owners' meeting, puts it: "Bud does not have any interest in an owner who wants to be The Story. … Also, Bud's not interested in owners who are going to overtly challenge him publicly."

But we know what you're thinking: How is this just Bud's call, right? Don't prospective owners have to be approved by all 30 owners -- none of whom are currently named Selig? Don't they have a say?

Well, sure they do. And not all of those owners would oppose Mark Cuban. We know that for a fact.

"I think he'd be a good owner," says an official of one team. "He's got a lot of money -- probably not as much as people think, but he's got more than enough to buy a team. He's won a championship. He wants to win. He knows how to market. I think he'd be a great owner. And I'm not sure he wouldn't be approved."

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