DLD 6.10.11 - What about Bob?

Susan Slusser profiles the new skipper, who apparently, used to be an A's fan growing up. (SF Chronicle)

On Thursday, Melvin became Oakland's interim manager, and he said there was no mystery why his brand-new A's uniform bore No. 6.

"Captain Sal Bando," Melvin said of the A's third baseman of the early '70s.

Melvin previously has worn No. 3 in honor of former Oakland second baseman Phil Garner; Bando and Garner were instrumental in helping Melvin start his post-playing career when he worked with them in Milwaukee in the late '90s.

Reaction of Geren's firing:

Milwaukee Daily Reporter reporter James Briggs

#Athletics fired Bob Geren, whom I affectionately remember as only person (so far) who's declined to shake my hand after an interview.
about 22 hours ago via web

Former A's catcher Rob Bowen

Finally the A's have realized Geren has destroyed a dozen pitcher's careers and doesn't have a clue how to manage a big league club via Twitter for iPhone

And everything Billy Beane does, doesn't always turn out to be golden. Like hiring Geren :) via Twitter for iPhone

@The26thMan I know! But Billy wanted a puppet in there so he could have his hand at managing. Yep I know some things :) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to The26thMan

@AAltman23 cant run a staff and overused them and switched roles constantly. Read what pitchers said today and that will explain it. via Twitter for iPhone in reply to AAltman23

Current pitcher Brandon McCarthy stood up for Geren

@TheRobBowen @AAltman23 I know nothing about past years here, but I will say that none of our current injs. have anything to do with Bob. via web in reply to TheRobBowen

Dallas Braden


   With every ending comes a new beginning... Who do i talk to about ordering a happy ending? my boys in oaktown all deserve a happy ending! via web

Conor Jackson


  Jackson says that there "wasn't a tremendous amount of communication with Geren," for everyone. Won't be the case with Melvin. #Athletics via Twittelator

Ron Washington

"I feel for Bob because he had a passion for baseball, and he certainly had a deep passion for being the manager of the Oakland Athletics," Washington said. "I know he's disappointed he couldn't move them forward. I think he's a great baseball man, and as we move forward he'll find another job."

Other news:

Warriors guard Monta Ellis could be traded to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala

Cal alumnus Jason Kidd was key in the Mavericks' game 5 win over the Heat

Braylon Edwards came through where Michael Scott failed

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