potential prospects and trades discussion

Hi everyone, I'm new to this blog, but am a lifelong A's fan 23 years of age and currently displaced in the Sac area. One of the reason I such a big fan is because of my admiration of Billy Beane and his front office and their moneyball tactics going after undervalued talent. , I find myself wondering about the current state of the A's and what potential they have. As I see it now, the A's have a huge hole at 3b similar to the likes of the hole at SS when bobby crosby was in town... (Kouz = new Crosby).  I love the new acquisitions this year in Matsui, Willingham, and Dejesus. They are all incredibly undervalued players with more hitting potential than anyone else on the club along with coco.  IMO they are underperforming and if they can get back to their near career averages, they A's will be in much better shape. Also, the Mazzaro trade is looking pretty good right about now.

Onto the topic of the post, the A's need to address the 3b position pronto if they are to compete this year for the series. The only internal possibility I see is Adrian Cardenas, who is hitting pretty well in Sac:

also note that Taylor appears to be back and better than ever, but can't say the same for Carter...

I think Cardenas deserves a fair shot and that Project Kouz should be ended and not dragged on like the Crosby saga.  I try to scout players around the league that have high potential and could be good impact players, but are not doing so well. Beane has a pretty good record for finding these guys: McCarthy and Purcey just for starters (well McCarthy anyway no pun intended).  

The current player I have my sights on is Sean Rodriguez on the Rays. He can play 3b and is not being utilized as an everyday player because Maddon feels like he's got better position players, which he doesn't necessarily (Sam Fuld is overrated imo).  My argument is that he has CARLOS GONZALEZ potential. That's right the guy we traded away to Colorado and almost was MVP. If readers aren't convinced, check out baseball cube's stat ratings (They're organized nicely into categories so it's like looking at pokemon stats... for those other nerds out there).

both are the same age (born 85) and have similar minor league stats:


1) .290/.348/ .484/ 832

2) .281 /.380 /.501/ 881
can you guess whose is who's? Answer: 2) is Sean Rodriguez.  My criteria for evaluating how good a hitter is, is based mostly on OPS. Players with high OPS have the most impact (duh).  My second criteria is batting average w/risp. That's a sign of clutch hitting, which the A's have historically lacked, but improved thanks to the offseason moves in Matsui, Willingham, and Dejesus (see my above comments).  
With all the hype surrounding up and coming desmond jennings in Tampa Bay, Rodriguez's job security and playing time is about as safe that of 12% of california (lame comparison, but best i could come up with). He could probably be plucked for relatively cheap and his returns could potentially be gonzalez or ethier -like. Maybe give up josh outman or a package of sorts? Hopefully the Rays have given up on him like they did with Delmon Young. Any thoughts?

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