A's, Warriors, Raiders: Returning to the glory days


Let's face it, it hasn't been since the 2007 NBA playoffs that Oakland sports gave us something to really get excited about. That is all about to change. I believe that combining the 3 franchises philosophies and personell we can make Oakland title town once again by bringing all 3 championships to the Town. 


Here is my plan to get all 3 teams a Championship:


-Sign Nnamdi Asomugha to play 3rd. Nothing will get past him at the hot corner and he can bat lead off and OBP 1.00 because no one will throw at him. 

-Dump Geren and bring Nellie out of retirement. An offensive minded coach is exactly what we need to get some runs across. 

-Trade Matsui and Mark Ellis to the Warriors for Monta Ellis. WIth Matsui out of the way, Monta can DH where his defense will not get exploited and he can focus solely on his offensive game. 

-Pick up Kyle Boller for Kouz. Boller can handle 2nd base much better than Kouz can handle 3rd. I have no evidence to back this up, just a hunch.



-Now that Monta is gone, we can finally get a 2 who can guard taller 2's. This guy is Rolando McClain. At 6'3 225, my bet is that Kobe won't be doing much trash-talking or snarls, and if he does, I'm sure Rolando will overtake Dwight Howard as the King of Technicals. Who wouldn't pay to see an NFL linebacker deck Kobe? Season ticket holder right here. 

-Jersey sales will be ok because we can still sell Ellis jerseys, just keep Mark on the bench and hope no one notices. 

-Matsui playing along side Jeremy Lin in garbage minutes when the dubs are up by 30 every night will be a PR dream.

-We still dont have a center but oh well, we'll have Tom Cable at the helm hitting Andris in the dome everytime he misses a free throw. 



-Recap: Have lost Nnamdi, Rolando, and Kyle Boller, and picked up Kouzmanoff. No worries. Kouz can cover at CB for Asomugha. He can stick with the receiver and will do whatever he can to make sure the ball is not caught. He's good at that. 

-The hole at linebacker? Fear not, I have 2 words for you: Al Davis. Owner/player? It can be done, just ask Jackie Moon. While Davis is too old to handle the added responsibilities of coaching as well, I think Lineback is perfect for him. Smash mouth, and a strong desire to JUST WIN BABY, will propel the Radiers to the Superbowl in 2012. 


Not quite sure how no one else has thought of this before. 

Anything I missed?

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