DLD 4.1.11: The wait is over. (Plus, The A's on Twitter: who should YOU follow?)

Apparently there was some baseball yesterday. People kept throwing around the words "opening day" and being all excited. But the schedule tells me that the A's first game of 2011 is actually tonight (7:05 PDT! Cahill vs. Felix!)... so, yesterday? Glorified exhibition games. Ignore them. Real baseball starts TODAY.

Since obviously no one will be working today (shouldn't it be a national holiday?), I am going to help you fill your time by telling you all you need to know about the A's players who are currently on Twitter. We've had some changes since last season, with a few new faces (and a returning one!) joining. And I've been following all of them... so you don't have to! Read on to find out which A's players best fit your Twitter needs.

Kevin Kouzmanoff: Best Profile Picture

Kouz is new to Twitter and hasn't tweeted much (aside from the occasional responses to fans). So why should you follow Kouz? Because when he does tweet, this lovely picture shows up on your feed:


Craig Breslow: Best Use of Twitter to Raise Charity Awareness

Craig tweets primarily about The Strike 3 Foundation, his organization that raises funding for childhood cancer research. But! In his non-charity-oriented tweets, he frequently mentions the whiteness of his cleats. I like a player who likes his white shoes.

I'm getting close to game action...really into the swing of - my white spikes have some dirt on them now!

Getting ready to head to the bay area... coming up - more pearly white cleats.

Brad Ziegler: Most Patriotic

Like Breslow, Ziggy tweets frequently about his charitable organization, Pastime for Patriots ("a foundation to support U.S. troops and their families," according to his bio). One recent tweet:

Cracked 5000 followers over the weekend! Thanks, everyone! Lookin forward to a great 2011 season. New Pastime For Patriots info coming soon! 8 Mar via web

Dallas Braden: Most Potential to Be Awesome

We all know that Dallas is crazy (in the best way possible, of course). We thought his crazy would lend itself quite well to an awesome Twitter feed. Turns out, Dallas's particular brand of crazy is better suited to media that do not have a 140-character limit. He does okay, though. Best/strangest tweet thus far:

Real eyes, Realize, Real lies...... Food for thought. Can't lie to the big guy! That one is free America. tweeting after 12? Yea i'm human. 21 Mar via web

Coco Crisp: Most Prolific (and Most Use of Chatspeak)

Coco is, without a doubt, the most frequent tweeter (twitterer? I really don't know the lingo for this newfangled website contraption thing) on the team. He loves the retweet button just sliiiiightly too much and tends to use as many abbreviations in his tweets as a 12-year-old girl does. But he's relatively entertaining... usually...

Barry Zito treated my like it was thanksgiving and I was the turkey... Carved me up! Lol it's all good. Day game 2morrow gotta get sum rest

Brett Anderson: Most Unintentionally Hilarious

AN is quite familiar with Brett's Twitter shenanigans, and we're all quite grateful that he's back after a several-month hiatus. His latest gem:

Enjoying some gushers.
9 hours ago
via web

(Cameo from LL's Jeff: "Brett Anderson has no heart for Brett Anderson is a futon with hands.")

Aaaaand last but most definitely not least:

Brandon McCarthy: Best Overall / Best Use of MS Paint

I've never seen the newest member of our rotation actually throw a pitch as an A, but I already love him. Why? His Twitter. For example:

I'd rather watch my birthing video than one more minute of that Rebecca Black video. 18 Mar
Well, after a good long cry and a few hours of facebook stalking I think I'm finally over that horrible start today. 26 Mar

After being named the 5th starter:

Don't know if everyone heard the good news so I'll confirm it here. Yes, I did in fact jailbreak my iphone today and it's fantastic! 27 Mar

And the bestest of them all:

I was feeling left out I guess 30 Mar


As you can see, you really need to be following Brandon McCarthy on Twitter. Right now.

{Bonus: McCarthy's wife Amanda is also on Twitter (Mrs_McCarthy32). She's hilarious. I kind of want to be her friend.}

And there you have it. Are there other A's players on Twitter that I've somehow missed? Are any other athletes' Twitters as awesome as Brandon McCarthy's? Be sure to dump all your links here before heading to the AN Tailgate and/or the game tonight! (We NRAFs are with you in spirit.)

Happy Opening Day, y'all. Let's go Oakland!

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