DLD 3.4.11 - Miscellany



Coco Crisp apologized for his DUI arrest. (USA Today)

"Obviously I'm embarrassed," he said. "I'm sorry; the sorry is genuine. A lot of people look up to me and, obviously, this was a decision that was not the right decision. One thing I don't want to ever be -- and I feel that I am right now -- is a distraction. I don't want it to be a distraction for any of players who have to answer questions for myself."


Sorry to everyone! my family, friends, MLB and my fans. I know I let a lot of ppl down and again I am sorry. I'll talk more 2morrow, Gnite.

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Former A's OF Travis Buck, now with the Indians: "Baseball is so fun again." (BANG)

Buck, 27, referred to things he put up with "both on the field and in the clubhouse" with the A's but declined to identify which individuals might have been the source of that.

"Half the time I didn't know my role, and the communication was kind of nonexistent," he said. "I was so screwed up in my head to where I wasn't able to be myself."

In the A's defense, Buck's various health setbacks -- which ranged from oblique injuries to postconcussion syndrome to shin splints -- left them with no choice but to explore other outfield options.

Still no news on new stadium, Wolff getting fed up. (Sacramento Business Journal)

"They’ve had time enough to explore anything," Wolff told Bloomberg. "We’re getting close to the point Bud is going to make a decision."

A's pick a new lawyer. Someday, this will be PaulThomas, no? (SF Business Times)

In his new position Kraetsch will be responsible for all legal and human resource matters for the baseball club.

Prior to joining the A’s in 2007, Kraetsch was an attorney at the law firm of Leo & Weber PC in Chicago.

Can't recall if this has been posted, but Will Carroll's excellent Team Health Report. (Sports Illustrated)

The A's are getting more serious about getting this part of their team out of the bottom of the rankings, bringing in former Rays assistant Nick Paparesta to rebuild the medical staff. There are new doctors as well, but we'll see just how quickly, if at all, they can turn things around. Bob Alejo, the S&C coach most known for his work with Jason Giambi, still wields quite a bit of power in the organization and any sort of "not on the same page" issues sap the possibility of a turnaround. With a lot of risk on the roster, Paparesta's got one heck of a challenge this year, which is why no staff should ever be judged on one-year numbers.

Jerry Crasnick tracks former can't-miss prospects such as Lastings Milledge and one-time A Jeremy Hermida. (ESPN)

Predicting which young baseball prospects will hit it big is always an exercise in craps shooting. But, as one veteran scout recently observed, "Toolsy outfielders are the biggest hit-and-miss players of all." If you doubt those words of caution, just remember the names Wily Mo Pena, Ruben Rivera, Chad Mottola, Darnell McDonald, Joe Borchard and Mike Kelly, to name a few.

I miss Arizona



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