AN Opening Night Tailgate

Well, we made it (barely). The season is upon us! Come out and revel with us on Friday, April 1.

We'll plan to meet up in the usual spot: North Lot A, end of Rows 12-14 (if you come over the BART bridge make a right down the ramp towards D gate. We'll be along the edge of the parking lot.) Can someone post the pic of our spot?

What time can you get there? Can you stake out our usual spot? Let us know below. Game time is 7:05 pm and I think pre-game festivities begin around 6:00 pm.

(PS - Englishmajor, wacchampions and thefamousralph will stake out our spot at 3pm. Feel free to join them if you can.)

Now's the time when we decide on who brings what. I for one, have no supplies for this sort of thing, so just because I'm writing this FanPost, someone still needs to bring tables, paper napkins/plates (you can still bring Saag's and not be that guy), cups, etc.

We'll need the usual stuff: a grill (maybe one in particular), disposables, trash cans and bags, coolers/ice, drinks, cups plus all the amazing food we all will bring. Please respond below with what you're willing to bring to share! I'll update this FanPost as we get responses.

I have no idea what's going on with group tickets, so if you need a place to discuss that, feel free to do that as well, below.

Go A's!

Patriotic-flag-bunting_medium Patriotic-flag-bunting_medium Patriotic-flag-bunting_mediumPatriotic-flag-bunting_medium Patriotic-flag-bunting_medium



The Goods So Far:

Rebuilding Season: a big thing of bottled water, and maybe a long table + a couple chairs.

hishnik: paper plates, utensils, garbage bags (cups and napkins too?)

Boonee: Guinness and Baileys cupcakes!

Englishmajor: Trash can and recycling bins, a few chairs and Chinese BBQ duck and pork

Good Don: beer

Evil Don: something dessert-ish, possibly crack cookies! (not real crack, people)

Pam: Roasted beet salad with fennel, feta and citrus

MissOakland: crappy, commercialized, non-made-with-love Safeway cookies

Berry Jo: tailgate chicken and a table

LongTimeFan: Saags Chicken Parmesan Sausages

wacchampions: table, chairs, a small grill and some food (undecided)

mikev: new Big Ass Grill which I think is a bit smaller than the old Big Ass Grill but really who's keeping score

LibrariAN: carrotlets and celery sticks and peanut butter

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