Getting Kevin Slowey


I think the A's should approach the Twins about trading for Slowey.  He was recently told that he'll be a long-man out of the pen, completely wasting the talent of a good pitcher.  So, would be an improvement over what we'd have for a 5th starter?  And what will it cost?

Is he a top 5 starter for the A's?

Yes.  His FIP was 3.98 last year, making it the 27th best of all AL pitchers who threw more than 150 innings.  That might not seem all that great, except that it was better than Cahill's, James Shields's, and Philip Hughs's.  If any of those three became available, I'm sure many on AN would advocate us going after them.

In the other season he threw over 150 innings, his FIP was 3.91.  It's not Cy Young material, but, then again, Cahill was considered for the Cy Young.

Let's put Slowey's 2010 up against Cahill's 2010.





















AN has thoroughly debated how good (or bad) Cahill is.  So I recognize that there is a debate about him and that I'm not trying to compare Slowey to Cliff Lee or anything like that.  But I'm certain that 100% of ANers think that Cahill should be in the starting rotation. 

Looking at last year's numbers, I don't think we can definitively say that Cahill is better than Slowey.  Clearly, Slowey is a fly ball pitcher, but his 1.21 HR/9 rate would probably decrease in Oakland, adding more value. 

But Cahill is our number 1 starter, we really should be comparing Slowey to Brandon McCarthy, projected 5th starter for the A's.  Except really, there's no comparison.  The only thing McCarthy has going for him over Slowey is a dynamite spring.

There's no doubt that Slowey would be among Oakland's top 5 starting pitchers.  So it comes down to what the Twins might want in return for Slowey.

Trade Scenario

I'm not generally very good at putting trade proposals together, but I'll give it a shot here.  The Twins need backend bullpen help and a legitimate backup CF.  Looking at ESPN's depth chart for the Twins, their backup CF is Delmon freakin' Young... not good.  And their 3rd-stringer is Michael Cuddyer.  The backend of their bullpen is Joe "Coming off Tommy John" Nathan, Matt Capps, and Jose Mijares.

So here is my proposal:

A's trade Ryan Sweeney and Brad Ziegler for Kevin Slowey and Jason Repko

This works better for Minnesota's depth chart.  They fill their two biggest needs.  The A's get a very legitimate 5th starter who will only improve in a pitchers' park.  I threw Repko in there because the Twins do have a lot of OFers.  If he has an option left the Twins could stash Repko in AAA and wouldn't hurt my feelings.

The A's would give up some of their bullpen depth, but give away a guy who probably doesn't have a big future with the A's anyway.  And Sweeney can be replaced by Repko, Jackson, or someone not currently on Oakland's roster.  DeJesus can play backup CF.  Slowey starting 20-25 games for Oakland is worth giving up some OF depth, especially when Sweeney or Jackson could be easily replaced.

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