DLD - Blame it on the rain



AN's favorite tweeter doesn't mind the rain, especially since he might get the ball on April 1.

With Brett Anderson getting his start postponed against the Los Angeles Dodgers, A's manager Bob Geren said the lefty would pitch Tuesday against the Cincinnati Reds, which moves Gio Gonzalez back one day to throw Wednesday against the Chicago Cubs.

The upshot -- Anderson now lines up to start the April 1 regular-season opener. Gonzalez, who has a 1.76 ERA through four spring starts and was on turn to pitch the first game, no longer appears an option.

The A's would have to pitch Gonzalez on short rest to get him back on turn for the opener, and that seems unlikely.

Geren has remained tight-lipped on the subject the entire spring, but he said he might have an announcement as early as Thursday.


AN's favorite beat writer previewed the A's for the Sporting News.

Right fielder David DeJesus, acquired from the Kansas City Royals, is healthy after thumb surgery but doesn't have much power. Left fielder Josh Willingham, acquired from the Washington Nationals, hit 24 homers in 2009 but was limited to 114 games last season by a knee injury that ultimately required surgery. Matsui, who hit 21 homers last season for the Los Angeles Angels, takes over the DH role from Jack Cust.

Well, looks like Barry Bonds should get at least one guilty vote from the jury.


Matthew Parrella, one of the prosecutors, pressed the jurors about their feelings about steroid use in sports. He asked if it made anyone “feel bad” or “feel good.”

One juror said that his 28-year-old brother had died of a heroin overdose years ago.

“I feel that anybody that would put something in their body that doesn’t belong there shouldn’t do it,” he said, adding that he couldn’t say how his opinion would affect his judgment in the case. He was not seated on the jury.

Ruby asked the jury candidates if anyone ever had bought or sold sports memorabilia.

One potential juror said she had bought signed jerseys of players of her favorite team: the Oakland Athletics, the Giants’ rival across the Bay. To that, Bonds cracked a smile. That woman, who wrote “athletes shouldn’t use steroids” on her questionnaire, ended up on the jury.

For the next three weeks or so, she and her fellow jurors will have the best seats in the house as a resolution in Bonds’s criminal matter finally unfolds.



Prepare your "McCarthyism!" signs.


The lanky right-hander threw seven innings of shutout ball before tiring in the bottom of the eighth and the Athletics went on to beat the San Francisco Giants 6-4 in a matchup of split-squads Sunday.

"He was very efficient. You look at any inning and he rarely had to fight to get through it. He has been pitching with consistency for us all spring," said Oakland bench coach Joel Skinner, serving as manager while manager Bob Geren was with the other squad in Phoenix.



Jane Lee ponders the A's bullpen.


"I think I still have some things I need to work on mechanically and just feeling good for consecutive outings," Devine said. "I'm trying to get on that pace I was on during the first three outings of the spring. I'm just trying to keep making strides in the right direction.

"I just want to pitch. That's my biggest thing. I want to do whatever is best for the organization and whatever is best for myself, and the rest will take care of itself. I know, once everything starts to click and I get rolling, I know where I belong."

The A's will presumably look to fill out their relief corps with Brandon McCarthy, Tyson Ross or Bobby Cramer -- all of whom are still being considered for a rotation spot. Manager Bob Geren's decision will likely come down to McCarthy and Ross, both of whom have big league relief experience.


Non-baseball stuff:

Vote for the Madden '12 cover athlete. Funny, DeMaurice Smith isn't a choice. Of local interest: OAK - Darren McFadden, SF - Patrick Willis, JAX - Maurice Jones-Drew (De La Salle alum), GB - Aaron Rodgers (from Chico, Cal grad), NE - Danny Woodhead (hi, Athletica!). Also, Bloomy, who is Carlos Dunlap?

Rolling Stone writer debates the merits of Rebecca Black's Friday. (YouTube song)


4. If you compare “Friday” to, say, Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” or Ke$ha’s “Friday Night Bitch Fight,” Rebecca sounds much more like a real live human being, which is to say, an ordinary kid. The other two sound like actresses by comparison – and “Friday” is exactly the realness they’re trying to simulate.

5. She’s 13, which means she’s the same age as Radiohead’s OK Computer. Is she, in fact, Kid A herself?

6. I love the part when she’s kicking it in the back seat between two friends and she sings, “My friend is by my right!” Friend on the left? Totally dissed. Life is cold, friend on the left.

7. Isn’t the rapper a little old to be going to this party? He has a mustache.


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