I Don't Like

That the A's haven't done something, anything, to create some news. that Rotoworld, Chone Figgins blurb that is. 

The noise-less, ass-less, drink-less, dick-less, money making-less, furry box-less, hard green things. Empty Seats that is. 

The infuriating, cursing, bullying, wrecking, and crying you have to do sometimes.   Trying to leave the parking lot in a hurry when the House that Rickey rebuilt is full that is.

That they don't have one and probably aren't going to get one sooner than 5 years from now. A New Stadium that is.

That even if they Travel, even if they pay., even if its sound and solid, even if all agree, even if it's prudently financed, even if they start today, it's probably going to be closer to..... San Jose territorial rights, Environmental impact reports, NIMBY's., self-important power holders, regulators and red-tape government gone wild.......ten years from now for that stadium with how slowly things have been going and why, that is.

That Bestbuddepotistic, dull, uninspiring, failing, lucky to have any job, time to move along, fence grabber.   Why is Bob Geren still the manager that is.

That person who needs to take one for the team, release the reins and let the name do his thing. Billy  bringing in a Big Time manager, now that we could use him that is.  


That they let him move for nothing.

It's not about whether you liked him and his  trifecta or not. It's not about whether he gave Billy  the Stink Eye one day.

It's not about him or the fire-breather. it's about having a guy with a  .395 OBP and  20+ HR power pinch hitting and injury replacing a few guys for 2.5 million a year. Its about, starter or not, having a good, cheap enough back-up to have on the bench, that has certain skills that most other players on the team can't match now or probability ever. Jack  that is. 

that he wasn't pinch run for.  Why do you leave a slow runner on first with two outs late in a 1-0 game.  He was also a defensive liability,  making even more sense to replace.  He was tied for 6th in HR on the team with two other players at 12, so leaving him in for later to try and win the game by smacking one didn't seem like a reasonable plan. In my book, he is less to blame than Howe. Jeremy that is.

that it was broken along with our chances. Jermaine's leg that is.

that he decided that in a tie game of a clinching series that pushing was more important than touching. Eric that is.

that he decided in a tie game of a clinching series that arguing was more important than tagging. Miguel that is.

that four, bonehead, unusual, freak,  never seen before or since plays happened in such important games on years we were good enough to win it all, all in a few years time. The Early 2000 playoffs that is.

2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 0.  

Our place in the standings from 1999-2006 and how many playoff series and world series we won in that time that is.

that the heavily favored ,104 win,  A.L.C.S. sweeping team, who played a team that had to go 7games, Won One. the 88' A's wins in the W.S. that is.

that the heavily favored, 103 win, A.L.C.S. sweeping team Won Zero. the 90' A's wins in the.W.S. that is. 

that the heavily favored, best record in baseball actually did what they were suppose to.  And there is no glory. no celebration. Just taint and a heavy heart. The earthquake that is.

that some Green And Gold Demon really pissed him off good about 20 years ago. God that is. 

That the guy who played 10 years and won 3 World Series on one team, and 5 years and two world series on another team, went into the hall for the other. Fucker. Reggie that is.

That Reggie and Rickey and Rollie and Dennis and even Dave and Mark and Dave don't have anything, or nearly enough. To do with the A's that is.

That it is acceptable that one team has a 6-1, 5-1, or 4-1, payroll advantage over other teams. 2-1 is acceptable. 3-1 is questionable. The rest is outright ludicrous. Fair, Major League Competitive balance that is. 

Someone who feels the need to correct every little grammar error that they see to the point where it's just irritating and unnecessary. Groll's that is.

someone who was relied on year after year, decade after decade,  to keep my superiority complex intact,  who is now doing better than me. The Giant's winning the World Series that is.

That a young 5-tool MVP candidate was traded for a , his worst season by far, looking very very questionable in AAA, chance in a blue moon at sniffing being a Star, chance in a red moon of being a good starter. Michael Taylor that is.

that boring, in-between, nothing to anticipate or watch, favorite-less, fun draining time. The Days between the Super-bowl and Opening Day that is.  


Anything you Don't like?

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