Evening Up The Divisions and Making A Fair Schedule

Baseball is an unfair sport. This is widely understood and accepted. One can complain about many things from salary caps, to replays, to rules, etc... But I would like to talk about something that is probably the biggest error in baseball: Divisions and the schedule. I think I have a very simple solution which I can only wish to get in the hands of Bud Selig. I am going to speak as a baseball fan now, not an A's fan. Here it goes:

The biggest problem is that the NL Central has 6 teams and the AL West has 4. There are many things we could do by moving teams to other cities and geographical locations to fix this issue, but that is going to take a lot more work and a lot more approval. All the talk right now is about moving Houston to the AL West. I don't agree with this decision because the Rangers are already in the AL West, and in my opinion a state that has only 2 teams should not have both teams in the same league, let alone the same division (I know Pirates and Phillies are both in the NL, yes I would like to change this, but it isn't a priority right now). 

I understand that Houston is the furthest West city out of all the teams in the NL Central, thus it would be the most logical candidate to move to a Western Division. It also isn't very far from where the Rangers play, and they are in a western division. So lets make the Houston Astros an NL West team, thus keeping them in the NL. Then we can move one of the NL West teams (Colorado, Arizona, San Diego) to the AL West. This would even up all the divisions at 5 and let Texas state have both an AL team and an NL team. It makes everyone happy and nobody has to leave their city. 

I would love to hear everyone's opinion on this and if you have any other/easier ideas to even up the divisions.

Now to the schedule. With 15 teams in each league there must be interleague play throughout the year to prevent teams having BYE days in each series. (In case anyone didn't know that's why there is 16 in NL and 14 in AL, so everyone can play everyday and it is an even number of teams). I have no problem with interleague play throughout the year. It can be like the NFL and each division will play all the teams in another division in the other league, and the division will rotate every year. 

Then the actual number of games in the season can be divided like this so everything is fair and it stays at 162 games (all series are 3 games):

Team plays own division for 6 series (3 home and 3 away) = 72 games (18 games x 4 teams)

Team plays every other team in their league 2 series (1 home and 1 away) = 60 games (6 games x 10 teams)

Team plays every team in 1 division in other league 2 series (1 home and 1 away) = 30 games (6 games x  5 teams)

72 games + 60 games + 30 games = 162 games

This makes everything even and fair for every team. This way all 5 teams in a division have the exact same schedule and play the same teams as each other every year. No more 10 games against Yankees and Red Sox while you only play 8, or an interleague series against the Phillies and the Braves while you play the Pirates and the Padres. Everything is FAIR.

Let me know what you think and any contributions you have. Take care AN!

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