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Lots of depressing news out there for A's fans. Let's recap!

Tim Kawakami: A's reportedly received ~$30 mil in revenue sharing, Giants paid ~$40 mil

2) If the A’s get approval, they are signalling that they will tailor the roster for when the stadium is built–which is at least two and probably three or more years down the road–so they will cut payroll now

Logical. But that’s a long wait for money to be put back into the product.

Still,even if the A’s get the OK for San Jose, the A’s are cutting payroll more than usual until they get into the theoretical new park.

Everything will point to the park. Not to now

3) If the A’s get officially shot down, they are stuck in a ballpark they hate with rich owners who have already decided to keep payroll way, way down in such an instance.

You don’t think they’d go way up in payroll if their stadium dreams are kaput, do you? No chance. Fisher and Wolff decided that a long time ago.

4) If the panel continues to stall, the A’s will remain in the same limbo they’ve been in for years, alternately adding a bit of payroll briefly or dropping it, depending on their owners’ desires to look/get competitive for the short-term.

Basically: The way it’s been for at least 5 years, none of them great ones for the A’s.

BANG's Joe Stiglich outlines some key dates for the A's

Nov. 23: This is the last day for teams to offer salary arbitration to a Type "A" or "B" free agent in order to get compensation should that player sign elsewhere. The A’s have decisions to make on outfielders Josh Willingham and David DeJesus. Willingham is a Type A, meaning the A’s stand to get a first-round pick and a sandwich pick (between the first and second rounds) should he be offered arbitration and sign elsewhere. DeJesus is Type B, meaning the A’s would get a sandwich pick if he’s offered arb and signs elsewhere. The risk for teams, of course, is that a player unexpectedly accepts arbitration, and the team is stuck paying a large salary to a player it didn’t expect to have around. I see no such risk with Willingham. He’s likely to land a multi-year deal somewhere and would seemingly want to keep his options open. DeJesus might be more willing to accept arbitration, so unless the A’s feel good about him returning, they have a decision on whether to offer it. Sometimes a team and player will reach a gentleman’s agreement that the player won’t accept arbitration if offered. I’m not sure if that’s being discussed with DeJesus.



After cornering the market on Matts and Hairstons, Susan Slusser believes the A's won't make a run on Sizemores

The A’s have been linked in reports to outfielder Grady Sizemore and Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, but I haven’t heard any rumblings at all from the team about either player. If the A’s are focused on building a team with an eye toward the San Jose stadium they are starting to believe they might get, then Sizemore makes no sense whatsoever on a one-year deal.

Bud Selig made a major announcement that an entire fanbase planning to compete in the AL West has been waiting for


The sale of the Astros by Drayton McLane to a group headed by Houston businessman Jim Crane for $610 million was approved Thursday by Major League Baseball owners. The team will move to the American League, effective as soon as the 2013 season.

The Commissioner's Office and the MLB Players Association collaborated on the subject of shifting the team from the National League Central to the AL West during the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations.

Owners also approved adding a Wild Card berth in each league, making for a total of 10 postseason spots. Commissioner Bud Selig said the specifics are being worked out.




The A's also reportedly talked with Sidney Ponson's agent. Hopefully the conversation went something like, "No, thank you."

Every year something happens in the offseason that makes me think that I can’t handle the looniness anymore. That the hot stove season has reached its nadir. After which I say that I cannot handle another weird rumor or report. When I say "not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!"

Also, Michelle Damon comes up second in a Google image search for Sidney Ponson. Not sure why.

A good link to bookmark: Jeff Passan's free agent tracker

18. Hisashi Iwakuma, SP: After Oakland’s proposed deal underwhelmed him last offseason, the 30-year-old right-hander returns from Japan as a free agent, happy to sign wherever he pleases.

23. Josh Willingham(notes), OF: Even in the hitters’ hell that is Coliseum, Willingham managed to pop 15 home runs and slug .523. He’ll be a nice find as a six-hole hitter for a contender.

26. David DeJesus(notes), OF: Lost season in Oakland after a career year in Kansas City. Excellent corner outfielder, smart baserunner and ideal No. 2 hitter if any of his previous on-base mojo returns.

38. Rich Harden(notes), SP: Still puts up a monster strikeout rate and palatable walk rate. Allowed a disproportionately high number of home runs last year, which should even out this year if his right arm agrees to postpone its inevitable falling off.

42. Hideki Matsui(notes), DH/OF: First half: .209/.290/.327. Second half: .295/.353/.425. And that was in Oakland. Could turn into a Thome or Jason Giambi(notes) type with a lesser workload.

44. Mark Ellis(notes), 2B: SIGNED — Rough season notwithstanding, Ellis still has plus range and can hold his own with the bat, and the Dodgers signed him to a two-year, $8.75 million deal that includes a team option for 2014.

81. Kevin Kouzmanoff(notes), 3B: Came up as a slugging, mediocre-glove third baseman. Will survive as a great-glove, mediocre-bat third baseman.

100. Wily Mo Pena(notes), OF: Still room on the bandwagon. #wilymo4derby

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