The Greatness of Game 7

At the start of this World Series, I wanted only one thing, I wanted to get to game 7.  I figured these teams were evenly matched and that I didn't really care who won.  We have been without a world series game 7 since 2002.  Here are the ones I remember in my lifetime:

The first one I can remember is '75 reds-red sox.  I was supposed to go to bed but I listened to in on my clock radio.  I didn't see the Fisk homer, but I heard it.

Then I dont remember '82 too well, brewers cards...for whatever reason I didn't follow that year

Then '85 Cards Royals

'86 Red sox-Mets....Buckner let a ball go through his legs to end game 6

'87 Twins-Cards...I was selling beer in the Metrodome, and I remember how quiet it got in game 7 when the Cardinals hit a homer to the foul pole in right field and the Cards were ahead...but the Twins won, I think it was 4-2.  In the tunnel after the game the vendors were giving Vin Scully a hard time about his dislike for the Metrodome.  He said something like, "finally a good game in this place."

'91 Twins-Braves...Jack Morris, 10 shutout innings. Larkin's game winning hit

'97 Marlins-Indians..game7 tied in the 9th...I remember thinking just split the trophy in half.  These teams are exactly equal.

2001 Diamondbacks yankees. Thats the one I really liked! The comeback against was only a few months after 9/11 and they kept talking about how fitting it was for the Yankees to win...and I loved seeing them lose anyway

2002 Giants Angels. That game 6 the Giants were up 5-0 in the 7th...I have never seen a 5-0 lead vanish so fast!

And now this year. 9 years since the last ws game 7. I almost don't care who wins..I just don't want to see a blowout. I'm rooting for Texas, mainly due to Wash, even though George W Bush used to run that team. I still think I have a tiny bit of dislike for the Cardinals from the '87 series. I hated that '87 Cardinals team..always stealing bases and playing little ball, but now I have grown some appreciation for NL play, with that pitcher batting, you gotta play more little ball.  But I don't expect much little ball tonight, both pens look shaky and those teams can hit.

After last night's game I thought of the quote from Scott Van Pelt on Sportscenter after that crazy last night of the regular season, "This is why sports is better than everything, always."  Usually I have some lament about the end of the season, this year I'm cool with it.  Bring it on.  Tonight is the end, winner take all.  It's the best game a baseball season can have.

So, welcome back game 7.  I missed ya!

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