We should sign Vlady..... and why (keep him from Angels)

Hello everyone, love the work you all do on here... be nice to the newby ;)


Its becoming apparent that the market for Vlady is going away like a Cust atbat. ESPN is saying that Orioles and the Angels would be frontrunners, as the Napoli trade all but ensures he will not be back (Rumor central Insider material, sorry no link but subscription only).  I know we have a glut of outfielders and DH types, and we r still trying to fit in Carter somewhere, but i think this could be a profitable one year move. 

Signing him would probably require anywhere from Manny's 2 Mil per season to i'd say about 6.  That is Coco Crisp territory for crying out loud.  I mean the Giants are paying Cody Ross 7+ a year to be a possible part time player.  So the money is manageable.

Next off, the defense will likely suffer one way or another.  That's a given.  His presence will either push himself or Matsui out into the outfield. That will hurt the defense that we are sending out as of now. But folks, we were will willing to tolerate Cust out there once in awhile because of his offense.  Vlady could put out more offense while sitting on the toilet ( I actually think thats possible, discuss amongst yourselves).  I know defense is important, and we are all starting to realize this with the new metrics but his offense would matter a lot more in my opinion.

Do we really want to see him in a Slegna uniform again? That would likely make our division tougher than it is already going to be, and give the Angels some much needed pop. Sign him then make a trade for the roster space. It makes sense. At least to me.

All I'm saying is I used to play some college ball. I pitched and played center.  As a pitcher I loved Defense, but I loved a cushy lead more. Bashing a run in, and saving one on D are the same thing.  And honestly, its a lot easier to knock in a run then save one on D.  Serviceable defense will suffice.

Our attendence would also likely see a bump

Projected lineup with Vlady

Barton ( not prototypical, but could work), also this includes him playing first, leaving alone my diabolical plan try         him at 3rd to work in Carter. muhahahahahahaha!





Suzuki part 2 orf the oriental express





I like this lineup and so should all of as A's fans

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