Give 'Em Enough Hope: 7 Out, 25 to Play... Are You Buying In?

Is the swimming pool half-empty or half-full?

Where there's life, there's Hope. And a DH who hits .200 with RISP.

So, whaddaya think?  Personally I doubt it, but weirder things have happened in my own bedroom, so I haven't conceded entirely.  The Rangers sure look ready to fall over, don't they?  Josh Hamilton ran into the outfield wall and they are currently trying to reassemble him in Nolan Ryan's secret underground lab... maybe they'll switch his knees with Cliff Lee's elbows and we'll get lucky.  I'd be more into believing but the 2010 version of the A's is like Daylight Savings Time: Spring Ahead, then Fall Back.  If they get back to .500 today, that makes a club record 26 times they have progressed/regressed to the median this year.  That kind of right-in-the-center balance is awesome when you are trying to get the 5.1 settings of your speakers correct, but not so good when you're trying to win a division in Major League Baseball... this team is more down the middle than a Jack Cust called third strike with men on the corners and nobody out.

Always dreaming of just one more bat.

What must these pitchers be thinking... if we could read the thoughts of Gio and Braden and Anderson and Cahill, what would they be saying?  That if they give up 2 runs they feel like they are certain, or at least in danger, of losing the game?  And their sanity?  I feel like in a sense we have gotten away with murder this year, in that we haven't seen our young pitchers melt down in frustration and paranoia from so little in the way of offensive support.   Yet after all these games the starters are a collective 53-50.... is that even possible?  To be near or at the top in several key pitching stats and still be a tad above .500 as a group?  I swear, when I think of what I'll do if this ownership stands pat with this offense after what we've seen in the way these arms have developed this year, I envision one of you brave people having to smuggle a file inside a cake into San Quentin to bust me out of prison in 2011.

Just the thought that if we somehow do pull this out, he will almost certainly win Manager of the Year makes me reach for the drugs.  And I don't even have any drugs.

Somehow everything that's happened this year -- and let's face it, we are all probably stunned to some degree or another that we're even playing games that mean something in September after 3 long years of being eliminated from contention by July -- seems like a prelude... an overture to the madhouse improbabilities that I and others feel are in store for 2011.  But something about the current state of the division makes it feel almost gettable, sort of like that dream that you can almost remember but which escapes you in the transition from sleeping to wakefulness.  I mean, TX has 13 of 25 games on the road, where they generally play like we do, i.e. crap.  The fact that they have played slightly under .500 since July 1st and we aren't 10 games ahead of them by now sends me sprinting for my Happy Place, where I curl up into a fetal crouch and hum Carpenters songs to myself until I fall asleep.  Come to think of it, Karen's daily caloric intake probably will end up exceeding our team's collective slugging percentage anyway, when it's all said and not done.

Is this the 3-week stretch where the A's end their monopoly on mediocrity?

I don't know what's gonna happen any more than you do but I wanna hear from y'all: do we have a realistic chance at this sad excuse for a division or should I just go into my cave and hibernate until March?  Like I said I kind of fall on the side of fuggetaboutit but I wanna take the temperature of the blog.  Actually I wanna take the temperature of a hot nerdy college kid with glasses, some scruffy facial hair and a medical fetish, but there ain't one around right now so you guys will have to humor me... yay or nay?  Do you believe or is it all just called third strikes at the knees water under the bridge?

Use this thread to pontificate/elaborate/remonstrate and I'll be along with the game thread when it's time.

Current Series

Athletics lead the series 1-0

Mon 09/06 WP: Brett Anderson (4 - 6)
LP: Jason Vargas (9 - 9)
6 - 2 win

Seattle Mariners
@ Oakland Athletics

Tuesday, Sep 7, 2010, 7:05 PM PDT
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Doug Fister vs Dallas Braden

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to center field at 15-20 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 60.

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Wed 09/08 7:05 PM PDT

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