GOG 45- Let's forget that last series, mmkay. (A's/slegnA)

This was last series:





So, let's forget about those stupid Yankees.and just crush some Angels.

Probable Pitchers

Score your last GOG

GOG 44

GOG 45- A's vs. Angels (48 points possible)

1-  Series outcome!!! (3 points)

2-  ESPN's "Cy Predictor", a CYA voting simulator created by Neyer and James, currently has Trevor 9th in the AL in CYA voting. In the past, he's been as high as 5th, and he's killed by not pitching for the Yankees/Rays/Rangers. On Sunday, after the A's/Angels game is he higher or lower in the simulated ranks? (2 points).

3- The Regression Monster is a cruel, cruel beast.  Rajai steals a LOT of bases, but makes a lot of outs, and has regressed mightily from his 2009 awesome campaign. Predict Rajai's PA, H, K, SB, and CS. (1 apiece, 5 possible).

4- Little Scotty Kazmir is one of the worst pitchers in MLB. And, he pitches for the slegna, yippee!! He also gave up like 13 runs last time he faced the A's. The A's probably have 8 guys in the organization better than him.  Clay Mortensen is probably better than him. Predict his IP, H, ER, BB, and XBH. (1 apiece, 5 total)

5- The A's hold a MASSIVE pitching advantage in game 1, a decent SP disadvantage in game 2, and game 3 is a wash. Which two starters, on either team, provide the 1st and 2nd highest WPAs in their starts? (you don't have to rank them/have them in order to get the points) (2 apiece, 4 total).

6- Over at Halos Hell, slegnA minions whine about how Mike Napoli isn't getting enough playing time. Of course, that's a great thing for the A's, since Napoli's actually good, and better than Mathis and other catchers they have. How many games does he start? Predict his PA, H, BB, and K. (1 apiece, 5 total)

7- According to StatCorner, the A's actually are better at hitting than the Halos, with a .327 park-adjusted wOBA to their .323. Which team has more BB, K, GIDP, H, and HR? (1 apiece, 5 total).

8- So, the A's have a slew of sub-replacement level players on the 25 man roster in Matt Carson and Gabe Gross. How many starts? How many PA? (2 points apiece, 4 total)

9- Guess the MOST (each question: 3 points if you get exact number, 2 points if you're within +/- 1).  (15 points possible):

1- RUNZ the A's score in any game.

2- Runs (earned and unearned) any individual starting pitcher on the A's gives up

3- Runs (earned and unearned) any individual SP on the Angels gives up

4- Stolen bases in one game

5- Runs TOTAL scored in any one game.

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