GOG and MaGOG : The End Is Nigh!

OK, I don’t play the GOG and I hardly even look at them, so I’m not real sure how this is supposed to work. But Micdog and Cuppingmaster and Where’s My Burrito were crazy enough to encourage me to take this last one. I hope it’s not too impossible to score.

I gather that I'm supposed to link to these things:

The Questions

Possible points: Hell if I know. In theory, you could score 50 points off the socks question. Good luck with that.

1. Obligatory

My one and only concession to GOG tradition: Predict the series outcome.
[3 points]

2. Attendance

Friday is the Mariners’ "Fan Appreciation Night". What will be the attendance for that game?
[Score 1 point if within 500, or 3 points if within 100. Score 2 additional bonus points if your guess is closer than anyone else’s.]


How many home runs for Chris Carter? ("King of the impossible!")
[Score 2 points for guessing correctly ... unless your guess was zero in which case I hate you and you don’t get any points even if you’re right.]

4. Short Guy vs Tall Guy

Over the entire series, how many times will a batter get a hit against a pitcher who is at least 6 inches taller than him?
[3 points]

5. Colors

Which color uniforms will the A’s wear for the four games? You can name same or different colors for different games.
[Score 1 point for each game you guess correctly.]

6. Socks!

Which A’s players will appear in at least one game wearing high socks?
[Name as many players as you like. For each name, score +2 points if he does wear high socks in the series, or score -1 point if he doesn’t.]

7. Vowels

Among players who reach base at least once in the series (either team), name the player with the most vowels in his last name.
[2 points]

8. Maths Are Fun!

Guess the sum of the jersey numbers of the nine players in the A’s starting lineup.
[Pick one sum, and score 2 points for each game for which your sum is a match.]

9. Facial Hair

How many runs will be given up by a pitcher with ugly facial hair? (For the purposes of this question, "given up" is defined as whoever is on the mound when the run scores, regardless of errors, earned/unearned, inherited runners, or any of that rot.)
[3 points]

10. Pam!

Pam will be at Safeco for the games. Of the comments she posts to the game thread from the stadium, how many will contain no word other than "fuck"?
[3 points]

Bonus: What will be the total number of exclamation points in those posts?
[3 points]

NOTE: Pam is ineligible to score points for this question. However, she may score a special bonus 3 points if she makes it through the series without ever ridiculing me for watching the games on TV at home rather than joining her at the stadium.

11. Fun with Names (easy)

How many players named Matt, Mike, Michael, or Mark will play in at least one game in the series?
[2 points]

Bonus meta: How many ANers named Matt, Mike, Michael, or Mark will submit guesses for this GOG?
[1 point. No scaling for order of entry with this one, so lucky you if you're the last one to enter and can cheat.]

12. Fun with Names (medium)

In the course of the series, how many times will a guy get put out by someone with the same name? (For example, Ichiro Suzuki catches a pop-up hit by Kurt Suzuki, or Michael Wuertz strikes out Michael Saunders.) An out counts toward the total if any defender involved in the play (or the pitcher, if it’s a strikeout) shares either first or last name with the guy who is out.
[3 points]

13. Fun with Names (my brain hurts)

For each game, list the players, for both teams, in the order they come to the plate, by first name (eg, Rajai, Daric, Kurt, Jack, Ichiro, Franklin, Jose, Kevin, Mark, etc.). Now make a string of letters from the first letters in each of those names (eg, RDKJIFJKM...). In any of the four strings of letters (ie, one for each game), find the longest substring that forms an actual word (eg, in the above example, "if"). How many letters in that word? Guess the word.
[Score 2 points for the right number of letters, 3 points for naming the word.]

14. Meta, part one

How many GOGgers will guess someone other than Matt Tuiasosopo for question #7?
[Correct answer scores a maximum of 5 points, multiplied by the ratio of others who answered the GOG after you, then rounded up to the nearest integer. For example, if 16 people participate in this GOG, and you’re the 7th one to post your guesses, then there are 15 others who answered, of whom 8 were after you. Thus your score for getting this question right would 5 points × 8/15 = 2.67, which rounds to 3 points.]

Extra credit: Write a clerihew verse or lyric featuring Matt Tuiasososopo, and post it either here or in a game thread.
[Score 1 point if it’s not terrible, 1 more if it’s actually good, and 1 more if it’s a limerick with proper meter. No points if your verse is too derivative of someone else who posted before you.]

15. Meta, part two

How many others will outscore you on this GOG? (For purposes of this question, count only score for questions 1 through 14.)
[5 points]

Scoring and Interpretation

For any question where more than one answer is equally correct (eg, a tie for most syllables or longest word), any of the correct answers scores full points.

Players’ names and heights will be counted as listed on the rosters posted on, whether correct or not. For example, Chris Carter counts as "Chris", not Vernon or Christopher. Involvement in an out is per the official scorer’s box-score report. Attendance is per stadium’s official announcement.

A word counts as a word if it is a legal play in Scrabble per the current tournament word list. Y does not count as a vowel.

For the purposes of meta questions, entries are considered valid if submitted no later than the official start time of the first game, as noted in the AN date stamp.

If any question requires a judgment call, it will be settled first by consensus opinion among observers of the game in the game thread. In the absence of consensus, a ruling will be provided by one of the experts listed here in priority order.

Experts for questions of fashion and personal aesthetics (eg, high socks, ugly facial hair): (1) whiteshoes40, (2) OakA’sHoney, (3) pam5981, (4) the first female participant on the game thread who states a definite opinion, (5) cuppingmaster, (6) me.

Experts for questions of etiquette or literary criticism (eg, verse quality, ridiculing me): (1) Englishmajor, (2) Nick, (3) Leopold Bloom, (4) micdog2001, (5) cuppingmaster, (6) me.

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