GOG 52: Consolation Prizes

The A's have officially been eliminated from the playoffs, but there is still something to play for.  Will the A's finish above .500? Will they finish ahead of the Angels? And will they get that coveted protected pick?


How did the last GOG go?

Report your score and check the standings here

Find out who's pitching this series

The A's go down to Anaheim for the final 3 games against the Angels. (37 points possible)

1. Huge series right here for those of you deeply concerned with who will earn the esteemed title of 2nd best AL West team. Predict the series outcome (3 points)

2. The WPA Question... sort of. I'm not a big fan of using WPA to judge the performance of individual players.  I do, however, like looking at the graphs, especially for back-and-forth, close games. So here's the question: what is the closest the losing team comes to winning? In other words, what is the highest Win Expectancy, +/- 2.5%, (according to FanGraphs) for the team that loses the game, in the series? (3 points) Which team earns this dubious honor? (1 point, 4 total)

For example, if this question were asked about the last series, the answer would be: A's, 68.8% (achieved in game 3).

3. The A's chances of going to the playoffs this year are dead. So it goes. Do the A's wear the black alternates this series? (2 points)

4. The Raiders also wear black. They play football. Football is a physical game with lots of hitting. How many total hits (+/- 1) do each team get this series? (2 points each, 4 points total)

5. Danny Haren used to play for the A's.  Now he pitches for the Angels. Predict his IP/H/BB/K (2 points each, 8 points total)

6. One of the players that the A's acquired in exchange for Dan Haren is the Burninator, Chris Carter. Predict his H/XBH/BB/K (1 point each, 4 points total)

7. One of the players the A's acquired with Dan Haren, in exchange for Mark Mulder, is Daric Barton. Barton currently leads the Major Leagues in walks.  How many walks does he draw this series? (2 points)

8. The A's do not have anybody close to leading the league in home runs.  In fact, no team has hit fewer dingers than the A's so far this season. How many home runs do the A's hit this series? Name an A's player who hits one. Nobody is an acceptable answer. (2 points each, 4 points total)

9. Losing has its rewards. The A's currently hold the last protected pick in the draft. What position will the A's be in at the end of this series (1 being the worst record in baseball and 30 being the best, not including compensation picks, but including the tie-breaker)? (2 points)

10. Rajai Davis only needs 33 more stolen bases to make good on Rickey's pre-season prediction that he would swipe 80 bags. How many stolen bases does Rajai get? How many do the rest of the A's combined get? (2 points each, 4 points total)

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