Sunday, Random Sunday: Bob, Would You Do Something?!?!?!?

As some of us cling to the notion that the A's are still in this thing, I am looking ahead and thinking about a bunch of things I don't really care about. Like, what Bob Geren could do differently to get the team over the hump (to put it nicely).

I mean, we all talk about lineups and who should be where on the field when? When should you send runners? When should you hit and run? Why the heck is Daric Barton bunting, at all? How come Kurt Suzuki plays 3000 games a season? I don't think any of that is even important anymore, well except the Suzuki thing.

One of my main criticisms of Bob Geren is that he doesn't get kicked out much. I don't believe that managers really impact the game as much as some think, and certainly getting thrown out more regularly wouldn't change that. I just remember when my coach in American Legion ball would get tossed and it was awesome. We'd all laugh about it for at least a week. I want some theater to go with my all pitch-no hit baseball experience. That said, Bob, a fan is showing you up!


I don't remember a fan getting booted by an umpire anywhere other than Startett Field, home of the Lemoore Little League, circa 1986. Back then, I was on the Giants (I know, I had to swallow hard. At least we wore yellow jerseys) and whenever my teammate, Vernal, suffered a strickout!!!111, his mom would go ballistic. She got tossed a few times. This sure as hell beats that! For some reason, I am jealous of this fan. Plus, it was Bob Davidson that threw him out and he blows calls more often than boiling tea pot blows steam. It would be an honor for him to throw me out of Sizzler, let alone a Major League stadium.

Speaking of Balkin' Bob, does anyone remember the first World Baseball Classic? He cost some dude, from Mexico, a freaking Home Run off Roger Clemens! The nerve. That guys grandkids now get to hear, "I hit a Home Run off that cheater Roger Clemens and a horrible umpire ruled it it hit the fence when it was really 10 feet up the foul pole" instead of "I hit a bomb off a Hall of Famer."

I guess the Hall of Famer part isn't really Balkin' Bob's fault. More randomness:

  • Can I have Mat Latos please? I want him for my very own. Or, at least his FIP so I can give it Vin Mazzaro for Christmas.
  • This guy deserves "Fan of the Year." I know, no such thing exists, but he has the Jeffrey August Fan of the Year Award sewn up. That was some perseverance, heart and determination on display. Three things us A's fans have needed to even pay attention at points over the last 3 seasons.
  • Speaking of that dude, he gave me an idea. Instead of fighting about where a stadium should be, I think we need to debate whether or not there should be one of those giant ball pits (the kind you might find at a McDonald's Play Place) in each outfield corner, just behind the foul pole. It might encourage more folks diving after Home Run balls and I am in favor of that. Maybe there should be hidden prizes, like a Stomper puppet, or something. Someone at 360 Architecture get cracking on this, like now.
  • Coco Crisp, if you make another catch like this, I will want to bear your children. Just saying.

See you at game time, Go A's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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