Extras Needed for Moneyball shoot 9/13/10

Hello ANers,


I just got cast as an extra in the moneyball filming that is happening this coming Monday. The casting agency still needs more extras - particularly white male A's fans. They asked me to pass this along to any I know.

Hmmmmm, do I know where some white male A's fans are...?

Here's the info - contact them directly

You are receiving this notice as outreach for minimum wage movie extra work. Please read for specifics and submit accordingly if available. Please do not reply; this is an unattended mailbox. Please do not call our office, we are busy and avoiding unnecessary phone calls. Thank you.

Beau Bonneau Casting is seeking 30 - 50 yr old Men available to work as extras in Oakland Monday 9/13 portraying A's fans in the feature film Moneyball. Ideally we're looking for real A's fans with A's clothng/gear but it is not a requirement.

Important Information:

Hours/Rates: Movie shoots last 12 hours or more. Monday will likely start around 3PM and last until around 3am (give or take an hour). Exact start time still unknown so you must be available without conflict and have your own vehicle in case BART or bus not available at wrap time! Non Union Extras are paid the minimum wage of the city being filmed in. Oakland min wage is $8.00/hr = $64.00 for 8 hours and overtime at time and 1/2 thereafter. Rates are determined and paid by Production, not Beau Bonneau Casting.

Employment Requirements: I-9s will be filled out on set. U.S. citizens must present a current U.S. Passport or two pieces of id: a valid Drivers License or state issued photo ID, with either your Social Security card or original birth certificate. Non U.S. citizens must have either a current Green Card or Permanent Resident Card with photo. Production will check your ID on location and if you do not have proper ID, you will be turned away.

How to submit - If you are available, email the following info ASAP to :
* A's Fan - Name 9/13 (in subject line)
* Ethnicity & Approximate Age (late teens, 30s, 40s, etc)
* Cell phone and alternate number if you have one
* Height and Weight
* 2 recent color digital snapshots: a close up & full standing view so we can see what you look like now! Include an extra photo if you have photos of you in your A's gear.
* Note: A's clothing and/or gear you have available if any

BBC staff will contact you soon if we can cast you. Thank you,

Beau Bonneau Casting

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