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GOG #47 Boston Red Sox (78-62) @ Oakland Athletics (69-70). 38 points possible.

1. Guess the outcome of the series. (3 points)

2.  It's a battle of Cy Young hopefuls Friday night.  Who has the best pitching performance?  I'm no expert so lets just use Game Score as the measuring stick in this question.  (3 points)

3.  4 active A's batters have more than 16 AB's against John Lackey in the last 5 years; Ellis with 43 AB, 2 RBI, and a .186 AVG; Jack Cust with 23 AB, 3 HR, 5 RBI, and a .304 AVG; Suzuki with 22 AB, 1 HR, 3 RBI, and a .227 AVG; and Daric Barton with 17 AB, 0 HR, 1 RBI, and a .357 AVG.  

Which of these 4 hitters gets a hit off that jerk Lackey? (you can pick only 1 or none, worth 3 points)  Do any of the 4 have an RBI against him? (Yes or N0, 1 point)  (question #3 is worth 4 points total) 

4. {Stolen from yahoo!} Jack Cust has 99 career home runs, and with his minor-league totals, he’s at 303 lifetime in his pro career. He has a team-leading 102 strikeouts, his fourth consecutive 100-strikeout season. Only two players in franchise history have led the team in strikeouts in more than three consecutive seasons: Reggie Jackson (eight, 1968-75) and Jimmie Foxx (seven, 1929-35). 

Does Cust hit his 100th career HR against the B-Soxs?  (2 points) How many K's for Cust in the series? (3 points)  (5 points total for #4)

5. {stolen from yahoo!} Cliff Pennington is nine for 55 (.155) over his past 18 games and is now batting .206 over his last 45 games after hitting .427 over his previous 28 contests. Pennington’s 21 errors are the most among AL shortstops. Since 1988, the only A’s shortstop with more is Miguel Tejada, with 26 in 1998.  He has made 16 errors in his last 77 games after making five over his first 56. [Micdog's notes - to be fair to Cliffy P, there haven't been many SS to play enough games for the A's recently in 1 season to have the chances to make all those errors]

Over/under 1.5 hits for the mailman this series?  Does he commit an error this series?  (2 points each, 4 points total)

[micdog note - at the game last Fiday I starting yelling stuff related to Cliff being a mailman, inlcuding "Come on Cliff, everybody know's your're name!" Some people laughed but I'm not sure if they got the joke.  Thanks Leopold Bloom for that connection, even if my sister and wife thought it was a huge stretch]

6. In the 1st two games against Seattle the A's had 0 stolen bases and then in one inning they had 4 stolen bases (2 double steals).  They also had 1 CS in the 3 games.  Over/Under 3.5 SB in this series? Over/Under .5 CS? (2 points each, 4 total)

7.  Over/Under 5.5 XBH for the A's this series? (2 points)  

8. Dallas Braden got rocked in his last start, predict his totals against the Red Sux?  IP, H, BB, ER, K (1 point each, 5 total)

9. First baseman Daric Barton is closing in on 100 walks this season with 96 so far, how many does he draw this series? Does he have more K or more BB in the series? (2 points each, 4 total)

10. Good to have Andrew Bailey back (pun intended).  Guess his IP, K, H, and BB. (1 point each, 4 total)

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