GOG #37 - Texas comes to Oakland - My GOG hand feels weak :-(



GOG #36 - The Royals series must have been easy to predict because a score of 20+ was had by a lot GOGers

GOG Reporting Tool (opens in a new window)

Leaderboard - Vignette17 is back on top with 27 points scored in the last GOG and Where's My Burrito scoring 7 in a pre-question, no look bid.  Also, nevermoore has taken my bronze medal for the time being :-( and Paris scored a 2010 record 34 points.

Probable Pitchers - This was dishearting to read, the Rangers pitchers going against the A's have good career numbers against Oakland, AND good numbers in their recent starts.  At least OAK starters have been strong lately.

GOG #37 Texas Rangers (62-45) @ Oakland Athletics (54-53). 42 points possible.

1. Guess the outcome of the series. (3 points)

2. Cliff Lee is the leader of the Texas pitching staff.  How many IP / ER / K / BB / for the left hander? (1 points each, 4 total) 

3. Only 3 active A's batters have more than 8 AB's against Lee in the last 5 years; Crisp with 18 AB, .222 AVG; Ellis with 15 AB, 1 HR, and a .200 AVG; Cust with 9 AB, 1 HR, and a .222 AVG. Which of these 3 hitters gets a hit off C.L.? (you can pick only 1 or none, worth 3 points) Do any of them get a XBH against Lee? (Yes or No, 2 points)

4. In his last 3 games Trevor Cahill has averaged 8 IP and given up 9 H, 2 ER, 9 BB and 0 HR.  He also has 7 K's and 43 GB outs in those games and 5 DPs in his last start.  Guess his totals in each of those catagories.  (1 point each, 8 points total)

5. In 2010 Gio Gonzalez has a 7.52 K/9, 3.96 BB/9, and .067 HR/9.  How many K, BB, and HR does he have against TEX? (1 point each, 3 points total)

6. Rich Harden has 7 career scoreless IP against OAK, in what inning do the A's score against him (You must pick an inning, if he does not give up a run everyone gets 1 point because AN will be sad)? (3 points or 1 point possible depending on the fragile ex-Athletic)

7. In my last GOG (and the one before that) I asked for the combined XBH and total HR for the A's. How many HRs for the A's? Over/Under 5.5 XBH for the A's this series? (2 points each, 4 total)

8. The TEX bullpen is 22-14 on the year with 34 saves, and 12 Blown Saves. Guess how many of each they have in the series, W, L, S, BS. (1 point each, 4 points total)

editor's note - I wanted to look up other stats for the relief pitchers but couldn't find decent predictable and trackable stats in my limited time.

9. First baseman Daric Barton no longer paces the AL in walks this season, how many does he draw this series? He also leads the A's in bunts which drives AN crazy, how many bunts for DB? (2 points each, 4 total)

10. With summer break almost over, a division race (sort of), a weekend series, and fireworks on Friday, one would hope for attendance to be at least decent this weekend.  Guess the total attendance for the series, within say 5,000 tickets sold (unless someone thinks that number should be higher or lower).  (4 points total)  Bonus points - Any fan who attends at least 2 games this weekend gets 1 point.  Sorry NRAF, but it's only one point and maybe this will help attendance ;-)  Editor's note - I did not give myself one point because I already know I can't make it to any games this weekend.


Sorry if these questions seem a little weak and overused by myself but work has been kicking my butt this week and I don't have the time to think of different ones. 

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