GOG 44 - boooo yankees booooo

So now, coming off series wins vs. Cleveland and where pitchers go to die in Arlington, we now head to Yankee Stadium, which is also a bandbox.

Now, I've had the opportunity to attend a game (not an A's game though :()  in Yankee Stadium last year, as while I was visiting a friend in NYC, he had planned to go to a game with his girlfriend, but something happened and they couldn't go and he had a spare ticket. So I ended up going in her place. The both of us did, however, almost get banished from the stadium for having a smoke (not in the stands, in a secluded spot). I hate the Yankees because they buy titles, but they have a nice stadium.



Well, onto actual GOG stuff.

EDIT EDIT: Oh, and Links! Because I forgot to add them and Micdog pointed it out.

Series previewz

Score your old GOGs

GOG 43



Now, on to the questions.

GOG: A's v. Yankees, (55 points possible)

1- What's the outcome of this series? (4 points)

2-  Starz and Goatz. Name one non-pitching player with a positive WPA and one non-pitcher with a negative series WPA for each team. (2 points each, 8 total)

3- Another WPA question!!!!! NOT factoring in who makes Anderson's start, which starter has the best WPA in the series, Mazzaro, Braden, or Cahill? The worst? (2 points apiece, 4 total).

4- Cookie Cookie Sabathia, with his 18-5 record and 3.14 ERA,  is considered one of the frontrunners for the AL CY Young award. Whether rightfully so, is another question to ask, but he plays for the Yankees, and they get this thing called run support. And he makes like 25MM this year, so he damn better not get hurt.  Predict his IP, ER, H, K, and BB. Does he get win #19?  (2 pts apiece, 12 points possible---Sabathia's the size of about 2.5 people so this question is worth a lot of points)

5-  Mark Teixeira used to be all over the AL West, playing for both the Rangers and the slegnA. Daric Barton is the A's starting 1Bman, and in 2010, has been better than Teix. (3.5 WAR to 2.7 WAR). Who has the higher: single game WPA, BB, H, and XBH+HR (2 points apiece, 8 points possible)

'6- I like Jeff Larish. I feel like he can be a solid bat off the bench and viable 4th OF, of course, he's not really proving me right here. How many games does he start? Predict his PA and H (2 points apiece, 6 points total)

7- AJ Burnett has been very, very inconsistent. If he were on the A's he wouldn't make our starting rotation, or would barely edge out Mazzaro, with Mazzy having the edge in ERA, FIP, and xFIP, and Burnett with the edge in tERA. Predict his (Burnett's) IP, K, ER, and BB.  (1 point apiece, 4 points possible)

8- So, A-Roid is not in the lineup, as he's on the DL with a bruised ego. Independent of all this, do any batters get hit? (2 points)

9- Between the two teams, how many quality starts (6 or more IP, 3 or fewer ER) are tossed? Which team has more of them? (2 points apiece, 4 total)

10 - (was supposed to be a Dale hit streak question before his hit streak ended). Name one player (can be on either team), who reaches base safely AND without making an out in the process of reaching base (so no fielders' choices),  at least once in all FOUR games. (3 points)  (EDIT: yes, there are 4 games in the series, Blicksfail.)

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