UPDATED w/ Answers GOG 42: Another Day, Another GOG: Oakland @ Cleveland: 54 points total



1. Series outcome? (3 pt)

2. The A’s have averaged 4.0327 runs a game this season. The Indians have averaged 4.0325. Does either team score more than 12 runs this series? (1 pt) guess the number of runs scored by each team +/- a run (2 pts each)

3. Picking the least lousy goat: The Indians and A’s have less than stellar offensives. Pick a hitter for each team that posts the highest single game WPA of the series. (3 pts each, 6 total)

4. In two games against us this season, Carmona is 1-1 and has a line of 14.1 IP, 14 H, 4 R, 7 K, 3 BB. Predict his line for Tuesday’s game: IP, H, BB, K, W/L/ND. (1 pt each, 5 total)

5. Barton and Cust hate getting out. But Kouz excels at it with a .289 OBP. Does he raise his season OBP this series? Guess his GO/AO/GIDP/K (1 pt each, 5 pts total)

6. Michael Brantley was diagnosed with a sprained ankle. If he were on the A’s, two weeks later, he’d probably eventually be diagnosed with Dysentery. Does he make an appearance this series? (1 pt) Brantley was 14 for 41 (.341) and 10 R, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 2 SB in his last 10-games. Guess his PA/H/XBH/BB (1 pt each, 5 total)

7. GO TWINS!!! The A’s are 8.5 games back of the Rangers, do we get closer by the end of Thursday night’s games? [2 points possible]

8. Bailey is back. Guess his appearances/IP/H+BB/K/SV. (1 pt each/5 total)

9. I Choo Choo Choose You. According to Baseball-reference, Shin-Soo Choo in 15 games against the A’s has 15 H, 9 RBI, 2 HR, 16 Ks. Guess his AB/H/RBI/HR/K for the series (2 pts, 10 total)

10. Being Japanese-American (and the fact that my name has been misspelled as Kirt, Curt, Kurk, Kurt) there is a ridiculous desire to purchase a Suzuki jersey. Unfortunately I swear I’ve seen him commit most of his 8 errors this season at the six games I’ve attended this season. Guess the number of PB/E/CS (2 pt each, 6 total)

11. Was all ready to brag about taking three straight against the Rays Saturday night til the middle of the eighth. Then... well not. How many blown saves does each team’s bullpen commit this series. (2 pts each, 4 total)


1. Series outcome – A’s, 2-1 [3 points] 3 pts.
2. 4.032 Hits – Yes, a team over 12 R / A’s, 13 R (12-14 OK) / Indians, 4 R (3-5 OK) [1 point, then 2 points each, 5 total] 0s
3. Starz, az far as that goz – Larish (.199) / LaPorta (.264) [3 points each, 6 total] 0s, Wish I’d Guessed Larish, ha!
4. A Carmonian Bargain – 6.2 IP / 9 H / 2 BB / 5 K / Loss [1 point each, 5 total] 1 pt. (Loss)
5. Making Out with Kouz – Yes, Raise OBP from .289 (4 for 8) / 1 GO / 2 AO / 0 GIDP / 1 K [1 point each, 5 total] 2 pts. (OBP, GiDP)
6. Dysenteric Brantley – yes/ 8 PA / 2 H / 0 XBH / 0 BB [1 points each, 5 total] 4 pts. (H, XBH)
7. Who Gave Up On the Pennant? Still No Closer Than 8.5 Games Back [2 points] 2 pts.
8. Bailey is B-A-C-K – DNP [1 point each, 5 total] 1 pt. (H)
9. Choo Choo’s Train – 10 AB / 4 H / 0 RBI / 0 HR / 1 K [2 points each, 10 total] 4 pts. (AB, HR)
10. Zukes’ Dukes – 0 PB / 0 E / 0 CS [2 points each, 6 total] Perfect 6 pts.!
11. Blow the Save, or Blow ‘Em Away – A’s, No BS / Indians, No BS [2 points each, 4 total] Perfect 4 pts.!

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