So, yeah, at least we can pitch. And we're not dealing with Zack Greinke.


GOG 35

GOG 34

report your GOGs!

Probable Pitchers

Series Preview, complete with lulz-worthy quotes about Ben Sheets being the "staff ace"

Me do GOG pretty one day? Let's get into questions.

GOG #36- The Kansas City Royals (45-60)  at Oakland Athletics (52-52) - 49 points possible

1. Series outcome. [3 points]

2. Starz, Goatz, Mattz, and Bratz: Name one player from each team with a positive WPA, and one player from each team with a negative WPA. [2 points each, 8 possible]

3. Save me! Name one pitcher (on either team) that gets a save (nobody is an acceptable answer) [2 points]. Predict his IP/H/BB/K for his save. [1 point each, 6 possible total]

4. Sean O'Sullivan used to play for the hated slegnA. But now that he's not slegnA fodder, predict his IP/H/ER/BB/K  [1 point each. 5 possible]

5. Alex Gordon got jettisoned off to the minors for no apparent reason. How many games does he start? Predict his PA/H/K [1 point apiece, 4 possible]

6. GO ORIOLES!!!!! Who's has the dubious honor of being 2nd place in the AL West after the Royals leave Oakland and all teams finish play on Wednesday night? [2 points possible]

7. In their most recent start, Anderson's WPA was -.226 ,  Mazzaro's WPA was a -.368, and Cahill's was +.556.  Which starter WPA this series is the most different from that of their previous start? [2 points possible]

8. Last time the A's faced the Royals, Yuniesky Betancourt hit what we like to call a 4 run dinger, although the A's swept the Royals anyway. Over/Under 1.5 Hits for Yuni this series? [2 points possible]

9.  Predict which A's hitter has the most of each: H, XBH, BB, K, SB, HR, GIDP  [1 point each, 7 points possible].

10.  How many combined starts do the two Matts get? How many combined PA? [1 point, 2 points, 3 total possible]


BONUS RISK/REWARD PORTION: The deadline for (most) 2010 First Round amateur draft picks to sign is this August 15. I know the A's have already signed Michael Choice, but there's still plenty of draft talk to go around.  Do any 2010 First Round picks (1-32) sign during this series? (+4 if right, -2 if wrong).  If so, guess the draft contract/bonus amount (within +/- 500K) (+ 3 points possible, none is not acceptable answer). If you choose to guess, you MUST guess all parts of the question.

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