GOG #29: The Devils Wear Red

The Yankees tore out our collective hearts, sauteed them in a nice brown butter, added truffle oil and served it back to us with a three-cheese risotto.  The Slegna have come out to pick any remaining meat from our carcass.  



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This GOG is worth 27 points total, with the possibility of another 25, provided every player on the A's active roster hits a HR.



  1. Series Outcome (3 pts)
  2. Copied obligatory WPA question: Name two players on each team (starting pitchers excluded) who individually end up with a positive WPA value for the series (1 pts each, 4 total, AND I will need help scoring this since I'm numbers illiterate)
  3. Pineiro's won six in a row.  But he's going against the mighty Mazzaro this evening.  Predict who, if either, get the win.  Predict IP and H/BB for each (5 pts, total, H/BB are one number)
  4. Trevor Cahill is our lone ASG rep.  He pitches Sunday.  Does Cahill make us proud?  He's going against one of the Weaver brothers, who fake John Lackey has disdain for.  Does Cahill go more than five innings and eliminate any chance of getting into the ASG? (Longer than five IP, yes or no, 1 pt)
  5. Since Houston hit five HRs on Wednesday, the A's have the fewest HR's hit in all of MLB.  Do the A's go deep at all this series?  If yes, who? (yes/no = 1 pt, who = 1 pt per correctly identified player)
  6. I am Jack's seesaw hitting.  In the Cleveland series, Cust went 4 for 7 with six walks.  But versus the Yankees, Jack went 1 for 11 with only one walk.  In addition, he hasn't hit a HR in over a month.  Does Jack have more K's, BB's or hits this series?  Does Jack go deep?  (1 pt each; 2 total)
  7. Saturday, AN gets to see Ben Sheets versus DancingDaysAreHereAgain.  Sheets is 3-8 on the year, a record which does not indicate how well he's pitched of late.  In fact, his consistency is really impressive.  He's given up no more than 4 ER in any of his last ten starts, but no less than 3 ER in only one.  In addition, in each of his last ten starts, he's gone between 6 and 7 IP.  First, does Sheets get the AN Day win and over/under 3.5 ER, 6.5 IP (3 pts total).
  8. For the month of July, Ryan Sweeney has eight hits and nine total bases (in June, he was 23 and 31, respectively).  How many Swingles do the Slegna produce?  Predict Sweeney's hits and total bases (1 pt each, 2 total)
  9. How many DPs does each team hit into this series?  (1 pts each, 2 total)
  10. The FNG.  Ross Wolf replaced notorious at-home big leaguer Tyson Ross.  Will the new guy get into a game before the ASB?  Predict his series totals: IP, H, ER (4 pts. total)
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