DLD 07 08 10 - Pop Goes the Weasel

Since the A's bats are lacking pop, we'll just have to make due with the kind that comes from culture.

One of the greatest Sword and Sorcery movies of all time is Conan the Barbarian. What if it was a musical? It might sound like this.

If you haven't watched the actual Conan the Barbarian movie, I highly recommend it. You can continue with Conan the Destroyer, but it's not quite as good.  Some would say really not as good, but hey, if you watch the first one you should watch the second one.

Here's the story of how William Shatner stole Leonard Nimoy's bike.

I love the interaction between Nimoy and Shatner. It seemed so loose and friendly. Nimoy gets up to get some water, and it feels like you could just be sitting in the parlor at one of their houses, listening to two legends talk.

Goofy teaches us about the sport we so love. What a silly anthropomorphic dog!

The Emperor still has to support himself, even if he's been deposed as leader of the Empire.

No Gnus is Good Gnuson the Gary Gnu show.


I remember this show was in reruns when I was a kid and I used to watch it, though I don't really remember much more than Gary Gnu. I love how they mention a gun. In a kids show. Thems where the days!


And other links....

Really into Mad Men?  Wanna really be in it?

Betty White has been a part of pop culture for decades, and now you can enjoy her year round in 2011.

USA Networks Royal Pains might just be a ripoff of an idea from Anakin Skywalker actor Hayen Christiansen.

WWE did a gimmick over the past year where they brought in someone from pop culture to be a 'guest host' for their flagship show RAW. Check out their photo galleries for 2009 and 2010. From Seth Green to Al Sharpton to Carl Edwards to (boo!) Pete Rose, their entertainment level often left something to be desired. Next week's host: Florence Henderson.

SyFy Network show Eureka comes back for the fourth season this Friday at 9pm.  Joining the cast is actor James Callis, well known from his character Baltar in Battlestar Galactica.

LeBron James is going to tell the world his future plans on ESPN today at 6pm. Finally, we can get on with our lives and leave LeBron-mania behind. What? You never cared? Yea, neither did I.

Pop gal Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail yesterday for violating probation and was clearly treated in an inhumane manner.

Line up guys, Megan Fox is in need of your services. You only have to take out Brian Austin Green. Shouldn't be too hard, right?


And finally, that's the BOTTOM LINE



because STONE COLD said so.

Now dump away.

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