All Star game selections through WAR and why this game doesnt make sense anymore (if it ever did)

Ah, the All-Star Game, a ridiculously pointless break in the year where players half-ass it to avoid injury, but now the game is now apparently "meaningful" as it decides home field advantage in the World Series. This completely ludicrous "event" however, seems to have completely avoided that new meaning, and still carries on as if the players selected actually deserve it, when we have statistics that clearly show many do not. Before writing this I hadnt even looked over the All-Star selections yet aside from knowing Cahill was our rep and Votto didnt make it...


...but we are pretty much at the halfway mark so I thought I'd throw up the top players at each position and the top 10 pitchers and see who is having a nice year. I used WAR because I don't have the time nor brainpower to come up with a better 1-stop-shop stat to value players. At least with hitting its pretty right on, but it wavers too much defensively. Anyway, without further adieu...

1B: J Morneau 4.9

1B: K Youkilis 3.4

1B: J Votto 3.6

1B: A Pujols 3.1

Can Morneau have a 10 WAR season? Crazy to think he might get there. Youkilis was snubbed in front of Miguel Cabrera. Mig-Cab was the next in line via WAR, so it wasnt too bad, but its just another snub for Youk, who the entire game of baseball apparently hates, as he gets snubbed way too often for a guy who is a no-doubt top 5 player in the game year in year out. Interesting: our own Dale is 4th in AL WAR for 1B. In the NL Pujols won out, backed up by the next best Adrian Gonzalez. Ryan Howard over Votto? An absolute travesty of the highest order. Votto (#1 in WAR) is simply a better player than Howard. Howard has the 8th best WAR for NL 1B. Gross.

2B: R Cano

2B: D Pedroia

2B: I Kinsler

2B: C Utley

2B: M Prado

2B: B Phillips

Holy crap, they got it right. The top 3 in both leagues in 2B WAR are represented. Astonishing.

SS: D Jeter

SS: E Andrus

SS: H Ramirez

SS: T Tulowitski

SS: J Reyes

Alex Gonzalez with the huge snub here, but the AL picking the #2 guy isnt too bad. Alexei Ramirez's WAR is skewed by fielding, so its not too big a deal he got shafted. What's really strange is that Andrus & Ramirez have the same WAR as Cliff Pennington. Hmm, interesting. In the NL Rafael Furcal is the WAR leader, but they went with the 2-3-4 guys so its a glaring omission but not a hate-able one, but the further issue here is that handicapping your own team never makes sense. This is why the ASG, with its "one foot in the past" where we MUST select star players we want to see and it "making it count" do not mesh well together. Also, the "one player per team" thing is also absurdity if the game "counts" for something now. Why not just make it the best of the current best? Also this whole fans&manager picking the team thing is very stupid. If a great player spiked the manager's fave player on his team, is he going to the ASG? Not if guy who thinks with emotion can help it. Plus as we are about to see with the Catcher selection, why wouldnt fans of a team in one league, stuff the ballots with terrible players from the other league? Again, its just a really, really careless and nonsensical way of doing things. Make it entirely statistics based and we will have a better game and one with more integrity too.

3B: E Longoria

3B: A Rodriguez

3B: A Beltre

3B: D Wright

3B: S Rolen

Mike Young was 0.1 WAR point ahead of A-Rod, but the AL ones arent too messy. Ryan Zimmerman has been an all-star his entire career, yet hasnt made the amount of games he deserved. He's 2nd in WAR behind Wright, but they went with Rolen instead. When you read the "INF" selections, this becomes much worse than it looks.

C: J Mauer

C: V Martinez

C: J Buck

C: Y Molina

C: B McCann

The AL went with 3 catchers, who were ranked 1, 3 and 6. Mike Napoli needs to be there, but then look at the NL....just wow. The 21st best NL Catcher in WAR is not only in the ASG, but starting. Absolutely incredible. This is why the fans have no business in deciding who goes to the game. This seems like ballot stuffing from AL fans. For the record, Miguel Olivo with his shiny 3.0 WAR leads all NL catchers by 0.5 (thats kind of a lot) McCann was second and deserved his spot. Molina shouldnt even be allowed to watch this game on TV, let alone start it.

OF: I Suzuki

OF: J Hamilton

OF: C Crawford

OF: T Hunter

OF: V Wells

OF: J Bautista

The top 3 in AL OF WAR are starting the ASG, this is good. The bench? Not even close. They rank 7, 14 & 18. Rios, Choo & Zobrist must have beat Girardi badly for him to go with the players selected. Rios has the same WAR as Ichiro FYI. That's how bad it was that Bautista got picked over him.

OF: R Braun

OF: J Heyward

OF: A Ethier

OF: M Bourn

OF: C Hart

OF: M Holliday

OF: C Young

OF: M Byrd

No idea what is going on here, the 14th, 29th and 30th best OFers in the NL are starting. Andres Torres was the clear snub here, he's having an insane year and should be starting over Heyward. Holliday leads all, followed by Torres and Byrd. Other snubs: A Huff, Willingham, Ludwick, A Soriano & Pagan.

DH: V Guerrero

DH: D Ortiz

1&2 in WAR, no complaints here.

INF: T Wiggington

INF: O Infante

Okay, first of all, what does this mean? Why do you need defensive flexibility when you have access to the best players in MLB? Furthermore how is this even decided? Um also: THEY ARE ALLOWING RE-ENTRY THIS YEAR. Technically you only need 1 appearance to qualify for a defensive position, and why on earth would you even want Ty Wiggington and his 0.3 WAR out there? Infante and his 0.5 arent any better. These are not the games best players, and certainly are not all stars. Its is so terrible to think Votto and Zimmerman sit, while Infante plays. IF THE GAME MEANS SOMETHING, WE CANT AFFORD TO BE TREATING IT SO HAPHAZARDLY IN THE SELECTION OF ITS PLAYERS. Ugh, sorry it had to be said.

The pitching I dont understand and never did, if its only 1 inning per pitcher, how do you figure out who is best here? Why not go with all closers? Regardless here's a quick rundown because I have an errand to run:

AL SP: Only Cliff Lee and Jon Lester deserve their spots here. Buccholz is 12th, Price 14th, Sabathia 16th, Hughes 21, Carmona 33, Cahill 39. You could literally put the top 50 current AL SP's names on a dartboard and hit a rotation better than this. How is the AL even supposed to win with only 2 of the top 12 in WAR on the team?

Feliz, Rivera, Soria, Thornton, Valverde are 1, 2, 6, 13 & 17 best relievers in the AL. You really have to get rid of this "1 per team" rule if you want the ASG to have any semblance of integrity, dont you?

NL SP: Kershaw, Wells, Haren, Oswalt are all having vastly superior seasons to Carpenter& Hudson. In terms of WAR, every other NL SP deserves their place, much better selections than the AL. They will probably win it for this reason alone. The AL handicapped themselves by only having 2 of the top 12 in WAR in the game. Call it now....

Broxton, Capps, Meek, Rhodes, Brian Wilson are the relievers. In WAR, thats the 1, 5, 12, 16 & 23 best relievers. Simply no rhyme or reason here. Luke Gregerson has a WHIP of .500 in SD, and the best 5 relievers SD has in bullpen is better than these 5.

So there it is, enjoy the game everyone and be sure to root heavily for Molina, Wiggington and Infante!

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