Pics/Thoughts from My Trip to A's/Indians (July 3/4)

Being a native Ohioan, I have gone to see the A's when they come to Cleveland (or once Cincinnati) every year for a while now. I'm only 22, but it has been at least the last five years (maybe 7 of the last 8). Here are some pictures from the games and some thoughts from me too. Enjoy. Go A's!!!


July 3rd:!/photo.php?pid=45884247&id=12331139!/photo.php?pid=45884248&id=12331139&fbid=829835870224!/photo.php?pid=45884249&id=12331139&fbid=829835875214!/photo.php?pid=45884250&id=12331139&fbid=829835880204

July 4th:!/photo.php?pid=45884251&id=12331139&fbid=829835885194!/photo.php?pid=45884252&id=12331139&fbid=829835890184!/photo.php?pid=45884253&id=12331139&fbid=829835895174

Thoughts from each game:

July 3rd: 5-4 loss in 10 innings

  • Gabe Gross's 2-run outfield mistake was so frustrating.
  • Can't put all blame on Gross, we had a runner on 3rd in 10th and two on in 9th and didn't score.
  • Geren's bullpen use is mind-boggling. Why take Blevins out after one batter(**see below)? Had we got 12 or 14 or 16 innings, we'd have long run out of pitchers.
  • Yet another close loss that could have been a win. Such is the life of a team on the rebuild. We'll win those games next year. 2011 should be amazing.

July 4th: 3-1 win

  • Was frustrated to see Gross start after horrible Saturday night error. If he was batting .300 or had hit 20 homers, maybe I could see not sitting him a game for it.
  • Vin Mazzaro threw 100+! Great start/win for Vinny!
  • Blevins solidly protected A's lead to set up for Bailey(**Geren wasn't foreseeing this when he was stupidly swapping out pitchers like a madman on Saturday night).
  • A's pitch like the shutdown squad we know they can be (especially after the third inning).

General Thoughts:

  • Always great to see the A's in person.
  • Congrats to Trevor Cahill on making the All-Star squad (too bad he'll likely pitch Sunday and subsequently not in the ASG).
  • A's lead Indians in season series 4-2 (with three left in Cleveland in late August). A's won the season series 5-2 last year. Always nice to hold over my father's head (he's an Indians fan - I went to games with him).
  • Lots (more than I expected) of A's fans at the games. Saw a man in a Adam Rosales shirt. Even one in a Jason Giambi shirt (A's not Yankees). Many A's hats. I wore my A's 2003 Division Champs shirt on Saturday.
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